EDUX 9925

Earn up to six graduate credits with one class!

How it works...

Decide what you want to work on in the summer to better your classroom starting in the fall. Write up a plan of action to clearly indicate what you plan on doing. Get to work

K but be sure to track your hours as you go. Provide proof of your accomplishments and have them ready for your exit interview. That's it! One graduate credit hour for every 25 hours of work do you complete this summer!

6 Graduate Credits for only $695!!!!

A course designed by teachers that helps teachers! Finally!

The Question People Always Ask

Q: Where has this class been?

A: The reason you may not have heard of this class yet is because it is very new to the Chicagoland area. In fact, it is only two years old. Many other states including Ohio California, Michigan, and Pennsylvania have had representatives in the area for years.