Deadleist Sea

Griffin coffman

Kalee Thompson

Kallee Thompson is a writer focused on environmental impact and the great outdoors. She has worked as a editor for Nat geo and Popular Science magazines and has done some work to help out Popular Mechanics, Women’s Health, Ski, and The Oprah Magazine.

What i thought of the book.

I liked this book because im into this kinda stuff. Such as boats, fishing and the ocean. How i found out about this book is my dads friend works up in Alaska and he told me about. This is the first book in a while that kept me interested through the hole thing.

Who i would recommand to

I would recommend this to anyone who likes the Alaska fishing life style and a page turning book. This was the first book in a while that kept me thinking through the hole book. I really wanna go up there and do it so thats probly why.


There is only one conflict and it is boats flipping, stuck in ice or lost. The fist one is about the trawler the ranger starts to take on water and the crew starts to scramble and the captain announce on the radio there is another problem................ You will have to read it to find out i guess.

Main charaxters

There is not really any main characters in this book there just the crews on the boat and the crew of the coast guard. The biggest main characters are the trible captines of the boats.