Nepal Earthquake

April 25th, 2015

Earth Quake hits Nepal

On April 25th of April ,Nepal had a death causing earthquake. This terrible disaster killed more then 8,000 people and injured more then 30,000. This 7.8 earthquake was 50 miles from Katmandu (capital). There were almost 100 after shocks with one even reaching a 6.7 on the Richter scale.


70 percent of of all the houses where destroyed leaving everyone in poverty circumstances. Dozens of countries and lots of charities have and are helping the people there by giving them food, shelters and medical care. Because of the after shocks this made it a lot harder to rescue and help other people.

Rasmila Awal

A few seconds after the earth quake Rasmila sees the building she was living in collapses on her 10 year old daughter and her 5 month old baby. After hours of searching, crying and help from neighbours she finally has to rest.The following day the daughter was found but the mother still kept searching. The next day they hear crying and with the help of some Nepali soldiers they finally find they baby. The small child who was found 22 hours later under rubble and rock has given hope to others in similar situations. This is only one of the hundreds of stories from the Nepal earthquake.


In this video it shows how desperate and in need the people are what they are having to do and go through dew to the terrible earthquake.
Nepal: Rebuilding lives after 'Great Quake' BBC News