2014-2015 Teacher Orientation

BCMS Library

Hours of Operation

Monday-Wednesday 8:00-3:15

Thursday and Friday 8:00-11:30

(I will be at OES during the afternoons on Thursdays and Fridays)


-Books, Ebooks, VBrick of video tapes, DVDs, Magazines, iPads, laptops, and computer lab.

-Please request resources at least a day in advance if possible.

-Items may be checked out for fourteen days at a time and can be renewed twice.

-All items are due close to the end of school for inventory purposes.


-Sign up for library and computer lab times one week in advance.

-Open library times will be used for checkout, research, mini lessons, and use of Makerspace (once it is finished).

-ILP (yet to be scheduled)

Mini Lessons

Mini lessons available:

Kentucky Virtual Library

Big 6 Research Process

Study Skills

and Many More!


Who doesn't love a good contest? There will be ample opportunity for students to enter library contests. Entry forms are available on the library bulletin board. There will be several types of entry forms; each with a specific reading goal in mind. For every entry form completed, the student will receive one entry into a drawing that will be held once every grading period starting in September. At the end of the year, all of the entries will be re-entered into a grand prize drawing. I don't yet know what the grand prize will be, but I know it'll be something the students should be willing to work for.



Check out our library's OPAC. It's full of valuable information and helpful links.

Please don't hesitate to call or email if you would like to schedule research time in the library or if you need resources for your classroom.