healthy and unhealthy foods

by: Daniela Castro


Do you like healthy or unhealthy foods better? In this paper you will learn what happens when you eat junk food.

Unhealthy foods

There are many foods that are bad for your health. Dried fruit is not what you think it is,some dried fruit is bad for you health because you can gain weight faster. Potato chips contain lots of salt which causes cancer cholesterol. Cereal has lots of sugar which causes to gain weight, some cereal does not have a lot of sugar.

Healthy foods

There are many foods that are good for your health.Apples are good for you because they have natural sugar. Pickles are good for you because you can lose weight by eating them.Gatorade is good for you because it re-hydrates your body.


It is important to eat healthy because you would live longer. However unhealthy choices such as fries and soft drinks are still present. Knowing these foods they still are a threat to our health we should avoid them. Healthy food leads to healthy living. one important reason to eat healthy is because you wouldn't get fat.