What I learned in Technology

Day 1 Hour 1

Go Animate

Things that you might want to know about Go Animate:

  • Go Animate is a website where you can create small or long videos for almost any topic you want
  • You can make videos for work,school etc.
  • You can post your videos that you make and you can buy things from the website and get cool things for your videos

Explain Everything

  • You can make slides and short or long videos to explain everything that you need to
  • You can type, draw, add pictures, and make no slides
  • You can have as many slides as you want and take as long as you want to record it

Haiku Deck

  • You can use Haiku Deck for projects/presentations
  • You can change your project at anytime you want
  • You can post your video so that others can see


  • You can create videos from your camera or the app iMovie
  • You can put the video(s) together
  • You can add music to it


  • You can create videos or pictures
  • You can make characters and choose the back round of the beginning
  • You can add music or voice and write out what happens in the trailer