Mideval Theater

The dark ages 500-1500A.D.

The start of mideval theater

The start of mideval theater was very exotic....Such as the food they way they dressed and so much more.

clothes they wore

By the picture below you can tell that the types of clothes they wore during preformances such as... men wore puffy shirts with nice pants, women wore kirtles(puffy dresses) that went down to the floor, children wore modest clothing, such as puffy shirts and dresses.They also did not wear masks because the aduince was a audiance was a church
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The video below will tell you so much about mideval times
Theater of the Middle Ages


In mideval preformances they used music to tell the story like one of the preformances below
Open Air Medieval Theatre "Digrease's Buffoon Theatre" - Acrobatic Performance


The food they ate was basiclly the same the way it was prepared was very different such as Meat: bacon, chicken, beef. Fruits, vegetables, geese, pas, beans, pottage, larks, bread, capons. They would usually eat bread with there meals and vegatables and and they usually drank water the was often unclean

types of actors

The types of actors were people who usually worked in churches.

People in the church [Church Worker]were the types of actors priests and townspeople

types of plays

The types of plays were miracle,mystery,mansion,and guilds

Where they preformed

Where the plays were preformed were in a couple of different places such as churches and out side in mini look alike houses that were called manisions

The way they lived

People went to church and lived in cold wet houses. There was no heating and the houses were often colder than the outside. The houses were made of stone for the wealthy and mud brick for the poverty struck