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The Christmas Islands

Kiribati Independence Day

The Independence Day is a public holiday in Kiribati. It starts with a presidential address, is followed by a colorful parade, and many sporting events, and dance performances.

Easter Monday

Tuesday, April 1st, 12am


This a day of celebration for the two major Christian denominations

to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.Sports and traditional

dance competitions will also be part of event. Most of the people would also find time

to relax and pursue time to enjoy their hobbies or go out on picnics.

July 8th-12th

Gospel Day - This national holiday marks an important day to commemorate the

arrival of Christianity in Kiribati.The highlight of the event is a joint ceremonial

service between two of the most dominant Christian churches in Kiribati, led by the

heads of the Roman Catholic church and the Kiribati Protestant church.This

ceremony is usually held at the National stadium in the capital Bairiki in Tarawa.

Senior Citizens Day - The day is declared a national holiday in respect and honor of

the elderly men and women of Kiribati.

National Culture Day - The day is declared a national day. The highlight of the day

will canoe racing and traditional dance competition. The event will be in Tarawa.

In Honor of National Day - The day is declared a national holiday in honor National

day. The day’s program will also be full of social and outdoor sports activities that will

be held in the capital Bairiki, Tarawa.

National Day - The wake of the day will be opened by the President of Kiribati

followed by a colorful parade at the National stadium in the capital Bairiki, Tarawa.