Upper School Newsletter

May 14, 2018

Dates to Remember:

May 15 - Upper School Spring Concert and Arts Festival, Grades 6-12, 6:30PM

May 22 - Upper School Awards Assembly, 8:15AM

May 22 - Sr. Parade, 2:45PM, Upper School Halls

May 23-25 CSAGH Final Exams, Grades 6-12

Upcoming Sports:

Monday, May 14th

4:30 PM Varsity Baseball vs. Big Spring HS

From the Principal's Desk:

Final Exams

I am sure some of you are already beginning to finalize your summer vacation plans. We would ask you to please avoid traveling over the last week of school (May 21-25). If traveling over this week cannot be avoided, please communicate your intentions to the main office as soon as possible. Please read the following details carefully and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

NOTE: Final Exams will take place May 23-25 with review days scheduled for May 21-22.

High School Parents and Students: May 23-25 are half days ending at 11:30 a.m. with no bussing options. Students only need to be present for their scheduled final exams, so they can arrive late or leave early with parent permission. A study hall room will be available for high school students in the building without a final exam.

Middle School Parents and Students: On May 23, 24, and 25, grades 6-8 will be having full days of school. They will not be dismissed early like during midterms. Instead, each day fun activities will be planned to close out their year. Stay tuned for those details- they will be coming out soon.

Final Exam Schedule

High School:

Wednesday, May 23:


8:00-8:10 AM

Science Final Exam (in Gym)

8:15-9:45 AM

Spanish Final Exam (In Gym)

10:00-11:30 AM

Dismissal (No Bussing)

11:30 AM

Thursday, May 24:


8:00-8:10 AM

History Final Exam (in Gym)

8:15-9:45 AM

Math Final Exam (In Gym)

10:00-11:30 AM

Dismissal (No Bussing)

11:30 AM

Friday, May 25:


8:00-8:10 AM

English 12 Final Exam (in S201)

8:15-9:45 AM

Make Up Final Exams (In J202)

10:00-11:30 AM

Dismissal (No Bussing)

11:30 AM

Middle School:

Wednesday, May 23:


8:00-8:10 AM

History Final Exam (Grades 6-7- classroom; Grade 8 -Gym)

8:15-9:15 AM (Grade 8: 8:15-9:45 AM)

Science Final Exam (Grades 6-7 -classroom; Grade 8- Gym)

10:30-11:30 AM (Grade 8: 10:00-11:30 AM)

Lunch (Cafeteria is still open) and Activities

11:30-2:55 PM

Thursday, May 24:


8:00-8:10 AM

Math Final Exam (Grades 6-7- classroom; Grade 8 -Gym)

8:15-9:15 AM (Grade 8: 8:15-9:45 AM)

Grades 6-8 Class Rotation (Science, Bible, ELA)

9:20-11:30 AM (Grade 8: 10:00-11:30 AM)

Lunch (Cafeteria is still open) and Activities

11:30-2:55 PM

Friday, May 25:

End of the Year Activities TBA

8:00-2:55 PM

Final Exams (High School)

  • Full year courses: 10% of final grade, focused on the second half of the year (final exams can have cumulative elements from the beginning of the year but the focus is second half)
  • Semester courses: 20% of final grade, this exam is the course's final exam
  • Seniors or juniors in a senior level course (AP or the highest level course within a department) are exempt from the final IF they are carrying an unweighted cumulative average grade of 93% or above
  • Spanish is administering a final exam
  • Bible is not administering a final
  • English 9, 10, and 11 are assigning end of the year projects and not administering final exams

Final Exams (Middle School)

  • Vision: expose students to a cumulative test without too much pressure
  • Will be counted as a test in the fourth marking period (lessen the impact of the test on their final course grade)
  • Study guides will be distributed- 6th grade: very detailed, 7th grade: a bit less detailed, 8th grade: less detailed
  • Expectations for the exam will be scaled back for 6th grade as opposed to 8th grade
  • English is doing an alternate assignment that will carry the same weight as a final exam
  • There is will be no final exam for the 8th Grade Careers Course
  • The final exam for 8th Grade Intro to Spanish will be administered in class on May 22nd

Final Report Cards

For your planning purposes, final report cards are scheduled to be released by noon on Friday, June 1st. These final report cards will include fourth marking period and final exam grades.

Congratulations to the track and field team!

Our boys track and field team has had a very successful season. They have taken first place overall in the MACSA, CCAC and ACSI meets.

At the ACSI meet on Saturday, Alex Rosenberry received the MVP trophy!

Several of our athletes have qualified for the district meet taking place this coming weekend:

Emma Miller - 100 meter dash
Brian Glen - High jump. triple jump and long jump
Tim Skill - 110 hurdles
Ben Tanis - 200 meter dash and 400 meter dash

Adam Burd: Triple jump

Alex Rosenberry: 1600 meter run

Zach Zigarelli: Discus

Go Bobcats!

Don't Forget Your Library Books!

May 17th is the final days to return library books!

Replacement fees are - new books this year full price, older paperbacks are $5 each, older hardcover books are $10 each.

Thank you for supporting our Scholastic Book Fair!

Thank you to all of our wonderful students, parents, grandparents, teachers, friends and volunteers that helped make our Scholastic Book Fair a big success! We raised just over $1,400.00! The profit from your purchases will buy new books for our school library and will help build classroom libraries through our "Classroom Wish List" program. Profit from the book fair will also add to the Lower School Resource Room. Again, many thanks!

Save the Date!

CATS is hosting:
Parent Talk on Internet Safety and Porn
By Pastor Susan Vigliano and Dr. Kevin Barnes
Sept 18, 6:30
This is for ALL WSCA parents. If you have little kids, you cannot be ready too early. If you have older kids, it’s never too late to learn more. We will have a coffee/dessert time for the first 30 minutes for parents to connect. No students please. Questions?: Rebecca Kipe, rebecca_kipe@yahoo.com

Business Office Announcement:

We are again offering a 2% discount to anyone who wants to pay 2018/2019 tuition in full before July 15th 2018. To qualify for this discount you need to be paying full tuition for next school year. Accounts benefitting from financial aid discounts are not eligible.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this discount, please contact me at ajwalborn@harrisburgchristian.com or 717-545-3728.

Senators Employee Award

The Harrisburg Senators are recognizing teachers and school personnel who have shown outstanding effort in the bettering of our youth in our community. If you would like to nominate a WSCA employee for the award, please see the instructions and nomination form attached to this newsletter as a PDF. Thanks for taking a few minutes to honor our teachers and staff!

Dates for Next Fall

Thurs., Aug. 16 - Back to School Picnic, 4:30-6:30pm

Thurs., Aug. 16 - New Parent Orientation 6:30pm

Thurs., Aug. 16 - 6-12th grade Back to School Night 6:45pm

Tues., Aug. 21 - First day of school

Recently Found Items

Prescription Sunglasses

Colorful beaded necklace


Rubber duck

If any of these items belong to you, please see Mrs. Wempa in the upper school office.

If you have lost any other items,please look in the lost and found bins located in each locker room and the gym lobby.

Extended WCSA 2018-17 yearbook deadline until May 15!

There is still one day left to purchase a WSCA 2017-18 yearbook! You can order a yearbook online at treering.com until May 15, 2018. The WSCA 2017-18 yearbook will be mailed directly to your house sometime in May/June.

Price $38 plus shipping


Upper school code - 1014919378101502

West Shore Christian (Upper School)

Scholarship Opportunities

With the high cost of college, scholarships are increasingly important. An updated PDF list will be attached to the bottom of the Upper School newsletter each week. Also, students can contact Mrs. Werner at any time for information or if they have questions.

Substitute Nurse & Teachers Needed!

We are looking for a substitute nurse, who can help out once in a while when Mrs. Krouch and Mrs. Hoover cannot come to WSCA. We are also looking for additional substitute teachers, PreK-12th grade. Please fill out an application on our website and help us spread the word!

Volunteer Cashier Needed

We are in need of a cafeteria cashier volunteer. If you, or someone you know, is interested in ministering to our school and students in that way, please contact Sandy Berry at sberry@westshorechristian.org. Volunteer clearances will need to be completed prior to starting.

SAT/ACT Registration Dates:

If you need assistance registering for this year's SAT or ACT, please see Mrs. Werner in the guidance office. The next SAT date is June 2nd and late registration is open until May 18th.