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Issue #3 03/06/13

Sharing Is Caring..Let's Start Local

We are living in a connected world. The technology we have today provides anyone with an internet connection the ability to augment their knowledge on just about any subject 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are grateful for the the people who take the time to share their stories, resources, and tutorials because we learn from them every day. Without them, we simply have less knowledge. The connections and resources we follow allow us to stay on top of the latest and greatest tools and when we find ones that we think could work well in Cheltenham, then we share them with you!

Most of the connections we have are people we will probably never meet face to face but what we have in common is that we care, and so we share!

In this issue, in addition to tips and cool tool alerts below, we'd like to remind everyone how easy it can be to share resources with each other.

Let's start sharing more locally. Everyone has something to give, an idea, a resource, a tip or a really cool lesson plan. Remember that all teachers have edit access to the Curriculum Google Site and you can upload any resource that you want to share to that site. We have also highlighted two other ways you can share.

  • How to use shared resources on the SMART Exchange website, click here.
  • How to share resources by sharing Google Drive folders, click here.

Oh, The Places Your Data Will Go!

The Many Ways To Use Cloud Based Storage

Using cloud based storage is a great way to keep your data safe and available across all of your devices. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, are just a few of the services you can use for free. The below video does an excellent job of explaining how these work. While this video shows Dropbox specifically, most of the other services function the same way. Additionally most of these services have an app that you can download onto your mobile device or tablet.

We are frequently asked by teachers how to get pictures and other data off of their smart phones and tablets so they can use the files in the classroom. Consider using one of these apps. Upload from your device to your storage service of choice and then from school, log into the website, for example, then download the file to your teacher computer and you are ready to go. For an example of how to use dropbox with your mobile device click here.

Click on embeded video below or try this link here if you need to unblock.
What is Dropbox?

You Should Really Check These Out!

  1. Pixton. Pixton is a cartoon creation site. Cartoons can be used in many different ways in the classroom. Pixton is the most dynamic one we have seen. You can create just about any setting and emotion you need. All the characters can be customized and repositioned. I am using Pixton as an app within Edmodo but it is also a stand alone site as well. See a sample cartoon we made below.
  2. InfuseLearning. A virtual learner response system similar to Socrative that we demonstrated at many of our schools last year, but with many more dynamic features and some assistive technology that some of our students may need. I liked that you could "push" out websites to all students instead having to get the students to type in the exact URL.
  3. Animoto. "Simple and fun, three steps and you're done!" Animoto has been around for a while now and it just keeps getting better. It is a fun and simple way for your students to make and share high quality videos. Sign up now for the special education account and get unlimited videos for 30 students for 6 months.

Did You Know...

...All Cheltenham Students Now Have Google Apps Accounts And Network Ids

That's right. They have been active since the beginning of the school year. See your building secretary or Lisa Saverio for a class listing. Start using Google Apps in your classroom today and you won't need to email files with your students anymore. Plus, the Google Drive can be linked to Edmodo and Noodle Tools. The integration is seamless and keeps all your files at your fingertips. Got an iPad? There is a Google Drive app too!

Microsoft Office For Sale...Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!!!

Would you like to install Microsoft Office on your home computer or laptop? We have an employee discount program. Click here for the details.

The Edmodo App Just Got Better!

Did you know there is an Edmodo App. It's free and it just got even better. Update your Edmodo app to the latest version and with ios 6.0 and above, use the send to feature, choose Edmodo and the file will load seamlessly into your Edmodo backpack! How cool is that? Here is an example. First, make sure you are signed into your Edmodo account on your device. Create a document using the Pages app. Choose tools, then share and print, then open in another app, choose which format, either Pages, PDF, or Word, then choose Edmodo as the app and like magic, that document moves directly to your Edmodo backpack. Then open your Edmodo app, find the document and if you are a teacher, share it with your class, or if you are a student, submit it for your homework assignment. Click here to see how other teachers are using Edmodo.

What's On Our iPad?

  1. Skitch lets you annotate pictures and documents or create a quick sketch from scratch. You can then email the annotated file or create a public link or just save for yourself. This is one of those truly simple but dynamic apps.
  2. Red Laser is a bar code scanning app. QR codes are all the rage these days. Use it to scan codes or create your own. Click here for some ideas on using QR codes in the classroom.
  3. The Common Core App is simply a reference app to remind you of the standards and what they represent.

We've Shared With You..Please Share With Us!

Please click here to share your thoughts with us. We really value your opinions. Tell us what you think about Tech In Ten, tell us what you want to know more about so we can keep you interested.

..In Our Next Issue...

Wednesday, March 20th, 2pm

This is an online event.

  • Making your browser do the work for you
  • Kid friendly curated search engines, you don't need Google all time
  • PSSA timeout, fun sites to give your students a break

...and a few other items you will probably want to know about, so stay tuned!

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