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May 8th - May 12th

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Letter from Principal Nelson


Bullying, cyber bullying, and school violence has become a pervasive problem in schools around the country. As parents and guardians, we need to be aware of the signs and provide an outlet for our children to discuss these issues with us. All we can do is be attentive, observant, and engaged in the lives of our students. Our hope is with enough information, you can better identify and understand the signs associated with bullying and provide methods to deal with the situation.The first and most important thing to do as a parent/guardian and as an advocate for your student is to encourage the reporting of any bullying, cyber bullying, or abuse incident to a principal, counselor, teacher, or parent. Impress upon your child or their friends that bullying and abusive behavior is not to be tolerated and that they have the power to change things by reporting such incidents.

Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior among students that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated or has the potential to repeated, over time. In order to be considered bullying, the behavior must be aggressive and include:

  • An Imbalance of Power: Students who use their power -such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity- to control or harm others. Power imbalances can change over time and in different situations.
  • Repetition: Bullying behaviors happen more than once or have the potential to happen more than once.
  • Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

We want to make it simpler for students and parents to report instances of bullying; whether as the victim or as an upstander (witness). The link below can be filled out by any student, parent, or guardian, who wishes to report bullying. Once we receive the notification, we will immediately begin investigating. We will do everything we can to protect the anonymity of the upstander and make sure the persons involved are questioned. Our hope is that all of Small’s community will use this form to notify the administration and to help make our school safer for everybody. This link will be found on our website for future use.

Click here to Submit a Bully Incident Report

Thank you, and make sure to rest up for the final round of STAAR tests this week. We will be testing from Monday until Thursday, so make certain your student has: plenty of sleep, a full breakfast, snacks and water for the test, and a library book to read after. As for what advice to give them, tell them they’re going to do great and that you are already proud of em’.

Matthew Nelson


Small Middle School

(512) 841-6505


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2017 Carnival Wristbands On-Sale Now!!!

Our Second annual Community Carnival is set for Thursday, May 25th 3:45 - 7:00 pm. Rain or Shine!!!!

(Kids are out of School that Friday and Monday of that weekend)

Not only is this a big end of year party for our students, it is a great way to support our school. All proceeds go directly back to the CSMS departments, clubs and organizations that participate. For example, last year, the Math department got over $800 to spend as they saw fit for this years classes.

How Parents\Guardians can help:

  • Send your students to the Carnival! Save the date and make a plan for them to attend. Most of our income will come from wristband\ticket sales.
    Purchase Tickets Here
  • Plan to Volunteer - We need lots of adults on hand to supervise and work the booths - All Volunteers will get a Free Large One Topping Pizza Coupon from Double Dave's of Arbor Trails! Look for Volunteer sign-up information soon.
  • Donate an In-kind item - We will be giving raffle tickets away as prizes for the kids to win big ticket items. We also plan to have a silent Auction. If you have something you would like to donate, contact us!
  • Be a Vendor - Have a booth at the Carnival. The more fun things we have for the kids to do, the smaller the lines.
  • Sponsor - We need to underwrite this event as much as possible. Consider donating some cash to sponsor a booth or inflatable, we have different sponsorship options available.
  • Donate or help us find Coupons - The kids will win coupons to local businesses. This is a win, win to build a relationship between the School and community.
  • Spread the word - Tell your friends and neighbors. We want this to be a community event. We would especially like to invite our incoming 6th grade class to come on out and have some fun at their new school.

Questions, Comments and/or Suggestions? Contact

Thanks you for your support for our end of year extravaganza!!!

Check out our Carnival Website!

Become a Sponsor, Purchase Wristbands & Tickets, Sign-up to Volunteer

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Save the date

June 1st 10:00 - 12:00 in the CSMS GYM


ALL athletes who participated and completed a season will be recognized and awarded medals.

Athletic Athletes of the Year will be announced.

Athletes should wear Sunday best clothes for the ceremony

TRACK ATHLETES PLEASE turn in your Track uniform to your Coach ASAP.

Tennis Awards

2017 CATA Middle School Coach of the Year:

Jill Burgess 2017 CATA Middle School

Most Valuable Players from Clint Small:

Vikas Somayajula(8th grade) & Livia Power(7th Grade)


Summer Camps at Small MS

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2017-2018 Registration

Online registration for school year 2017-18 begins March 1st.

All current\new to AISD students need to register for the upcoming school year.

Please click here for step by step instructions.

Any questions? Call Diane Ewing 512-841-6710

Summer Camp Guide

As news of summer camps in the area come in, we will put them on this link.

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