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Edition 1: The Rhinos are crying out for help

Note from the Editor

Hi all newbie fans, I am so excited to officially launch the first edition of Earth's Voice! After months of discussion and hard work from the Earth's Voice Editorial Team, we are excited to provide a space for all young environmentalists and educators to contribute to. The idea of the newsletter is to get involved, speak up and be active about saving your environment. We look forward to contributions from young writers, artists, and schools worldwide who have projects and stories to share. Earth's Voice is not only about Rhinos and we want to encourage stories that speak about the environment and other endangered species too!
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"It's our duty to be the VOICE of all living things!"

Peace, Tijana


Home Sweet Home

Two of the things we are most proud of nowadays are our homes and our countries. They give us a sense of belonging and make us happy. But we’re not the only beings that enjoy being in their home area and their home country, that’s why when a rhino is sent to a new game reserve or a zoo it takes some time to adjust.

These animals have been roaming the earth for over 30 million years which means they have had a long time to adapt to survive in the many different habitats that they are. It is through these adaptations that the various subspecies of rhinos evolved into what they are today: the Javan Rhino, the Sumatran rhino, the White Rhino, the Black Rhino and the Greater One-Horned Rhino. All of these species are being targeted by poachers, and are under serious threat of extinction.


Celebrities that care about Rhino

We all have favourite animals just like we have favourite celebrities. After all, those are often some of the first few questions we ask when we meet someone new. It is a great topic of conversation but surely they should mean more to us than that. More than just a name we can say or a face we look for in magazines. They’re people and animals we smile at when we see even in the worst times. This is why we say that they’re special to us. But, what happens if we wake up one morning and we hear that they no longer exist. This has happened to Dodo, Quagga, Golden Toad, Javan Tiger, Caribbean Monk Seal and many more animals. Many of us haven’t even heard of these animals and the people who used to love these animals simply found other favourite animals. The weird thing is that this would never happen with most celebrities. When Michael Jackson died the whole world mourned for him and now, years later he is still mentioned on the radio or in magazines from time to time. He will never be forgotten even though he was just one person. How could we forget thousands and thousands of animals and still remember one person just because we liked his music? (This is just one example but there are many other celebrities).

So, in order to prevent this from happening over and over again it’s time for the youth to stand up and fight. We don’t have to literally pick up swords, all we have to do is start speaking up against poaching. If we prevent these precious animals from going extinct, then our children’s children will still get to see them and we’ll be able to teach the older generations that we can be heroes as well.

We will show our support, and encourage more celebrities to be like Jackie Chan and Leonardo DiCaprio by helping to save their favourite animals and the ones in need. Because after all; it is not our words that will be remembered when we fade into old age but rather our actions.

"Tools of the Trade" Starring Jackie Chan

Did you know...

  • Jackie Chan recently filmed an advertisement directed to Chinese and Vietnamese audiences in an effort to stop rhino poaching.
  • The last time a person saw a Javan Tiger was 1979.
  • The Caribbean Monk Seal was also called the West Indian Monk Seal.
  • The Golden Toad was discovered 23 years before it went extinct
  • Dodos couldn’t fly.
  • Only five photos were taken of living Quaggas.

Ways that you can help...

  • Tell a person about the rhino’s plight every day.
  • Buy Rhino Badges from Rhino SA.
  • Like Rhino SA on Facebook and follow us on twitter to get instant updates.
  • Don’t let someone tell you that there’s nothing you can do because you’re too young.


Ron searches for a Rhino

Ron was awake even though it was so early. As his friends all dreamed in their beds he sat on the game drive searching the bush for his favourite animal.

“Where are all of the rhinos, mommy?” He asked handing the binoculars to his older sister. His mother smiled and put her arm around his shoulder, “I’m sure they’re busy playing games before the sun gets too hot.” Ron raised an eyebrow in confusion. “Rhinos aren't humans; they don’t play games.”His father laughed, “Just because we don’t look like them we still have things in common.”

Ron’s dad is right, there are many things we and rhinos both have such as: two eyes, two legs, two ears, nostrils, a mouth, skin, a head, a body, a heart, a brain and we both love to have fun.

Many humans (especially us children) love to play games; but unfortunately rhinos don’t know how to play tag, noughts and crosses, board games or computer games. So, what games do rhinos actually play?

What do Rhinos and Humans have in common?

Find the 12 hidden words that Rhinos and Humans have in common. Submit your answers below and the first three correct contestants stand a chance of winning a prize!
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- Earth's Voice School of the Month -

St. Dunstan's College Pre-School

Look at all our new "Walking Talking Rhinos"!!! So proud of you all and thank you for the amazing support. We also received some more pictures for President Zuma from these tiny tots. Thank you Rosie, staff and parents for your support from all the living rhino


Charisse on a Mission

Charisse is the Rhino SA Champion of the month. Charisse has an active facebook followers account and is dedicated to saving the Palala Rhino Sanctuary. She sells stickers and curios to raise money, and speaks actively through social media to create awareness about Rhino poaching. We thank you Charisse for your dedicated efforts and continued support. You are an inspiration

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Rhino SA: Green Wall of Africa SEE Projects (NPO)

Rhino SA is a youth-driven initiative aimed at educating today’s youth about the ongoing slaughter of South Africa’s rhinos. The organisation falls under the Green Wall of Africa S.E.E. Projects (NPO). ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME HOTLINE: 0800 205 005

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