Cow Apocalypse

"Cows will take over humanity!"- Cowmander Moodie

The Day We Will Rise

It's Coming

It will be soon..... My bionic cow army WILL rise...... Cows will take over humanity!

"Don't under estimate the power of cows. Bionic cows! Moo ha ha ha! No farm will protect you! We have weapons! And secrets to unravel! Bionic secrets!" - Cowmander Moodie

"You won't escape. All will be lost!"- Co-Cowmander Milkshake II

Cow Army

Tuesday, Jan. 1st 2002 at 12am



Human Comments

"Are you kidding! Cows taking over the world! This is a joke!"- John D.J.:)

"Should I be scared? No.... yes? Well...I'm not scared. This is just another sick teenage joke."- Brad P. Avern

"Maybe this really might happen:(!!!!!"-Cat_Kid_-


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What We Did Wrong- Cowmander Moodie

All these years of having to put up with your bossiness...... We want revenge!

It hurt when you whipped us to get us into a CAGE.

And, worst of all, you'd kill us for our meat!