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An e-newsletter from Mounds View Public Schools

July 30, 2020

Dear Mounds View Public Schools community,

During a press conference today, Governor Walz and his team provided an overview of the Minnesota Safe Learning Plan and outlined guidance for all Minnesota schools about the criteria that will be used to determine how they will be allowed to reopen schools this fall.

In large part, that guidance will rely on local health data by county in determining what learning model will be used when reopening schools. Based on the guidance received today, Mounds View Public Schools will offer families a choice between full-time distance learning and a blended (hybrid) learning approach. Because we know families are anxiously trying to plan, we wanted to provide information about the options that will be available.

Distance learning

For families who choose full-time distance learning, your student can expect learning opportunities available each day that may include recorded mini-lessons, teacher interaction with activities, and peer-to-peer activities and small-group meetings/activities. Each student will have an engagement activity with their teachers on a regular basis. You can learn more about distance learning in the reopening planning document.

Blended learning

For families who want an in-person blended learning scenario, it is important to note that the state will allow our schools to operate at up to 50% capacity with physical distancing. In order to accomplish this, students will attend school a minimum of two days per week. Some students may attend more often based on individual learning needs. On days they are not in-person, distance learning activities will be provided. Learn more about this approach in the reopening planning document that we shared last week.

Additional considerations

I’d like to highlight a few additional points our community should remember as we approach the 2020-21 school year.

  • We respect all families’ decisions to make the choice that works best for their students. This could mean that one child attends school in a blended model and another engages in distance learning.
  • Schools may have to move between distance learning, blended learning or in-person learning at some point during this school year as directed by the state when local health conditions change.
  • Depending on school-specific health and safety conditions, some schools may operate under different scenarios than other schools for some periods of time.

Next week, families can expect to receive additional information regarding the specifics for both of these plans. At that time families will also be asked to make a choice about which plan they want for their child. Knowing families' choices will be a key factor in our ability to develop final plans for both scenarios. Please consider the option that is best for your family and watch for additional details next week.

In the meantime, remember that we will be regularly posting updates on our reopening website at The planning document and the website will be continually updated as changes occur. Both also include key timelines through the beginning of the school year, including a public reopening report to the School Board on August 18.

Again, I want to share my appreciation for your continued support and partnership.


Chris Lennox


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