Sub-Saharan Africa

The struggle to fight HIV/AIDS

Where is Sub-Saharan Africa?

  • Sub-Saharan Africa is in the content of Africa south of the Sahara Dessert it consists of all African countries south of the Sahara

What is HIV/AIDS?

Well lets break it down

H- stands for Human this disease can only infect humans

I- stands for immune system it effects it by destroying the important cells that fight dieases and infection

V-Stands for Virus because that is what it is

And Aids.....

A- Aids is something you acquire not inherit from birth

I- Your immune system includes all the organs and cells that work to fight off infection or disease

D-You get AIDS when your immune system is "deficient," or isn't working the way it should

S-AIDS is a syndrome because it is a complex illness with a wide range of complications and symptoms

Why is this virus so bad and how is it affecting the countries and families?

About 34 million HIV positive people people worldwide 69% of that live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Life long average in SSA ( Sub-Saharan Africa) is 54 years of age and in some parts it's only 49 years. In 2010 2.1 million people died from Aids in SSA and 1.9 million became infected with HIV. Since the beginning of this outbreak 14.8 million have lost one or both of there parents by AIDS/HIV. The reason the virus is so bad is because of government when treatment was offered they had denied the help insisting that they did not need it when in fact they did, the virus was already spreading. Now people can not give the meds to keep these people living for as long as they can. This virus is also affecting its neighboring countries in South Africa is the most impacted it has 17.8% of its population affected by AIDS.