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I was born and raised in Garland, Texas. In fact, my parents still live in the same house that I grew up in. I moved to Denton to attend college at UNT. I graduated with my B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2006. I am currently in my 10th year of education. Six of those years were spent in the classroom. During that time, I loved being able to share my love of reading and pursued every opportunity where I could teach students reading skills including becoming a literacy lab classroom. From there, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in librarianship so that I could be even more impactful for student’s educational and recreational reading. I graduated with my Master of Library Science degree from TWU in 2014. I love being a librarian because I get to work with students, teachers, and my classroom is filled with books of every kind! I still live in Denton, where my husband, Evan, teaches as well. We have a beautiful and full of energy one year old daughter, Alice. In my spare time (which isn’t much anymore haha) I enjoy anything outdoors, scrapbooking, and watching movies.


"Teamwork makes the dream work."

"There is no I in team."

"Together Everyone Achieves More"

The important aspect of teamwork is understanding the interdependency that must exist among the team. No matter how great of an athlete Michael Jordan was, he could not reach any of his goals without teamwork.

The video below is a perfect example of why interdependence is necessary to achieve goals. When everyone is fully committed, then we can achieve more.

This week reflect on how YOU are impacting others and how others are impacting YOU. Send someone some extra encouragement this week. It will brighten their day and strengthen our teamwork.

teamwork cadets team help each other scale a tall wall 30 sec

A Minute with the LASes...

Brain-Based Learning with Raising Student Achievement

After participating in one of Dr. Eric Jensen's Brain-Based Learning Webinars over Spring Break that dealt with Raising Student Achievement with an emphasis on Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind, I would like to share some of the things that encouraged me the most:
First, that all students can be successful in developing learning skills.
Second, that we as educators need to know that learning is not just for students, but is for ourselves as well.
Third, we ALL can make an impact and do make a difference in the educational process!
AND... In keeping with the TEAM spirit, we as a school know we can succeed!

Below are some "Cognitive Capacity Builder" skill examples that can be used with ALL students.


Quick Writes - 7-10 minutes or less each day. Examples can be journaling, summaries, personal reflections, make content connections, predict content, etc...


Practice focusing on details. An example would be "How are two pictures different" games


Letters of alphabet backwards
Simon Says
Sing Alongs
Phomemes (repeat and add)
Clapping games
Spell 2-3 letter words

Learn new vocabulary
Students repeat directions to a partner
Spell 3-7 letter words forwards, then backwards


Have a "Word of the Day"
Writing Assignments that use new words
Examples they can use in everyday life
Use Multiple Exposures of words in Rich Contexts

If you would like more information on this topic or skill builder examples, you can log onto Jensenlearning.com or make an appointment with us for new ideas and printouts.


Thank you for sharing your reflection from your PLC Learning

Thank you for sharing your reflection from your PLC Learning. You will find a special treat on Monday!
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Professional Learning Communities

We will not have formal Professional Learning Community this Thursday. We will not have Pony Time on Thursday.

Several of you participated on the Number Talks online Professional Development. Below is a video of a 3rd grade teacher using her learning from Number Talks. I would love to videotape some of your lessons using your Number Talks Learning. If you are interested please e-mail Wanda Oden and we can make it happen. We will use your lesson for further professional learning.

Number Talks, 1st Grade Example
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Hi Pony Family!

Positive Ponies will be selling STAAR Grams until May 10th! You can give ANYONE a STAAR Gram for free; however, if you would like to "sweeten" the message you may add the following to your STAAR GRAM:

  • .50 cents will provide your receiver with a soft drink or a snack
  • $1.50 will give provide your receiver with both a soft drink and a snack

What better way to send a message of encouragement and/or inspiration! STAAR GRAMS can be purchased and received by ALL employees of Lewisville Elementary School.

You can see Ms. Bridges (Tonya), in our front office, to get a free or purchased STAAR GRAM! May the force be with us!

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Calendar for the next 2 Weeks

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Bond Election Information

Click here for more information:


  • My 3rd grade partners for helping with lessons plans/materials when I was out.
  • Thank you Mrs. Sayers and Mrs. Kilam for helping us rate our TELPAS writing samples!
  • Special teachers for STAAR testing teacher breaks
  • Michelle Lee for getting iPad cart ready for K-2
  • Sherri and Betty for building the Data Wall for us.
  • Sherri for creating almost 700 data cards for each of our students.
  • Samia, Stephanie, Wanda, Alicia, Danielle, Miguel, Jaime, Kara and Lety for supporting their colleagues with professional learning and instructional conversations.
  • Yvette Bernal for her positive attitude.
  • Araceli Hernandez for having data conversations with her students about their I station Session Summary and Activity Detail report.
  • Thank you to the first grade thing for their amazing collaborative conversations during PLC.
  • Mrs. Hamilton for engaging her students during brain break before literacy stations.
  • Ms. Holder, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Sandy for going above and beyond for our ponies.
  • Thank you to Ms. Vando, Ms. Morales, Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. McKnight, Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Dickinson, Tannert, and Mrs. Ratzlaff for all of their support during Pony Camp. You Rock!

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Happy April Birthdays!

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