Orchard Grass

By Kammie Harn

Orchard Grass Facts

  • The Scientific Name is Dactylis Glomerata (Commonly known as Cock's Foot or Orchard Grass)
  • Orchard Grass is folage.
  • Native to Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa
  • Oregon is the top producer of orchard grass, in the United States
  • Orchard Grass was brought to the U.S. in 1750, from Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa.
  • One use for Orchard Grass is forage for livestock. Orchard Grass is highly palatable to all livestock. Orchard Grass also provides good erosion control, due to it's very dense roots.
  • A couple of products that have Orchard Grass in them include Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay and Kaytee Orchard Grass for Rabbits. As you can see, Orchard Grass is primarily used in animal feed.

Why is Orchard Grass Important?

I think Orchard Grass is important for many reasons. One reason that I think Orchard Grass is important is because it helps out on farms. Without Orchard Grass, farmers would have to find a different kind of crop to feed their animals, which could put stress on them. Orchard Grass is also important because it helps keep animals fuller, longer. If farmers couldn't feed livestock Orchard Grass, they would have to spend money on different feed. Another reason Orchard Grass is important is that it helps with erosion control. Without Orchard Grass, the earth could be eroding a lot faster.