The Informer

Capulets & Montagues


Against- For


An, And-If



But- Only, Except










Wilt-In addition

Withal- Wish



Tybalt(hot headed cousin)


Lady Capulet(Mother)

Nurse(Takes Care of Juliet)

Juliet-(Young girl in love with Romeo)


Benvolio(Family Member)


Lady Montague(Mother)

Romeo( Young boy in love with Juliet)

Act l

Fight in Town Square

Verona, Italy- A fight has broken out in the towns square between Bonvolio Montague and Sampson Capulet, two family servants. This Brawl started when they show up at the house of the Capulet’s with swords and bucklers. Also, what triggered the fight is the biting of the thumbs. Benvolio didn't like that and he pulls out his sword first.

The Party

Verona, Italy- while attending a party at the Capulet’s a Montague sneaks in and attends the party. This party was in honor of trying to find Juliet an boyfriend. However Romeo, the Montague that snuck in fell in love with Juliet at first sight. However when Juliet laid eyes on him she fell in love with him at first sight too.

Teenage Angst

Teenage angst is Teenage angst is love, pressure, and anxiety most teenagers feel it. It’s when you are feeling depressed, pressure or feel like the world is against you. School, Grades, friends and family are other examples of teenage angst. of teenage angst

because they go through many issues.

Act ll



Act lll

Advice Column

Counting to ten.

Counting to ten before you act is helpful. It gives you time to consider the results of your choice. It also lets you get focused and calm down. However if you don't think before you do something you could make the wrong choice and you could get in trouble or you could hurt other individual.

The Fight and Banishment

Yet again another fight has taken place in town square. The fight began when Tybalt seeks to talk to Romeo, about him crashing the party and crushing on his cousin. Tybalt challenges Romeo however Romeo refuses. Then Mercutio draws his sword and him and Tybalt fight. Tybalt stabs Mercutio. The Romeo took him back to the Montagues. Then Tybalt follows Romeo and starts another fight. However Romeo kills Tybalt and the prince exiled him.

Who's at Fault

Who is responsible for the chaos surrounding Romeo and Juliet? I believe everyone is at fault Tybalt, the Nurse, the Friar, Romeo and Marcutio. Its Tybalts fault because hes the one that started the challenge. Its the nurses fault because she was keeping the secret that Romeo and Juliet were married. Also its the Friars fault because he's the one that married Romeo and Juliet and he was also keeping it a secret. It was Romeo's fault because he's the one that snuck into the Montagues party, crashed in then met Juliet and fell in love. Last of all it's Mercutio's fault for sticking his nose into Romeo and Juliet's business.

Act lV

Actions of Juliet

Juliet's actions were really affected by everything that has happened. I personally think her taking that potion and making her in a coma but a dead like state. She should of just told her family that she married Romeo. Maybe that her marrying Romeo could help the families stop the hatred towards each other.

Death of Juliet

Juliet Capulet, age Fourteen passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday. She was survived by her parents and her loving family. Her funeral services were held later that evening.

Act V

The Happenings in the Catacombs


Mercutio Montague, age twenty-two from Verona, Italy passed away due to injuries sustained in a public brawl. He is survived by his parents, Frank and Sue. Funeral services will be held at St. Francis Church on Monday evening. Everyone is Welcomed to attend. Burial will be Tuesday morning.

Tybalt Capulet, age nineteen from Verona, Italy passed away due to injuries sustained in a public brawl. He is survived by his parents, Jo and Dee. Funeral services will be held at St. Peters Church on Tuesday evening. Everyone is Welcomed to attend. Burial will be Wednesday morning.

Romeo Capulet, age nineteen from Verona, Italy passed away unexpectedly next to his lover Juliet. Funeral and Burial will be later this week on Thursday, along side Juliet.

Juliet Mantague, Age fourteen from Verona, Italy passed away unexpedily with a stab wound.


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