2015 Year In Review "What A Year !"

By: Rodrigo Sardan

Companies That Marketed Themselves The Best

  1. Supercell did a wonderful job with marketing themselves in 2015. Clash of clans and Boom Beach contributed a lot towards the companies success. The company is always looking into the future, which is why they make frequent updates to make their games better than others.
  2. Coca-Cola also did a good job in marketing themselves in 2015. Coca-Cola took part of The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup for people to recognize the brand.They also had names written on each drink to interact with the consumers. Coca-Cola is a very approachable drink which makes them bigger than other drinks.
  3. Apple also did a great job with marketing themselves in 2015. This year apple went big with the creation of the Iphone 6s and the apple watch. Every year apple are successful because they make something new each year which is why they are ahead of other companies.

Best Products Of 2015

  1. Hoverboard
  2. iphone 6s

Worst products of 2015

  1. Sony Walkman NW-ZX2
  2. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

Top Movies Of The Year And How They Were Marketed

  1. Star Wars was the most successful movie of 2015 because it was marketed well. Fans were a huge factor of the movies success. Since the previous movies were so successful the fans were excited for a new film to continue the series, and with the new film came new fans. Star Wars made $815,843,529 !!! now that is a successful movie.
  2. Jurassic world was another huge hit for 2015. Fans were also a big factor of the movies success. Just like Star Wars they had previous successful films, which is why the fans were excited for a new film. The film brought a lot of money and also a lot of new fans.

Both movies were promoted by social media by posting trailers on Youtube, and surveys on Twitter or Facebook a simple way to interact with the fans. Something that gained a lot of fans attention was the return of characters (Han Solo).

Top Music Artist Of 2015

Justin Bieber, the man of the hour, had huge success in 2015 through his creative taste in music and his solid connection with his fans. A lot of his fame comes from the love of the millions of boy-crazed teens that have stuck with him since his "Baby" days. He often kept his fans updated through social media. He teased us with short Instagram videos of his new album. Let us not forget all the attention he got during The Roast when he allowed big celebrities to cook him on live TV, followed by an apology for his bad behavior.

Drake follows closely with a big fan base. People love him because he can do so many things. We can see this through one of the hottest tracks he released, "Hotline Bling". Not only is it catchy, but it's almost impossible to forget about the unique dance moves that go along with it. He also received a lot attention when there was a twitter fight between he and Meek Mill; a talented rapper he "collabed" with in the past. People could not get enough of the songs they were both releasing as an insult to each other.

Top Ten Songs Of 2015

  1. Sorry by Justin Bieber
  2. Hello by Adele
  3. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
  4. Hotline Bling by Drake
  5. Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

New Year's Resolution

School- I would like to improve my grades, I need to work harder

Health- I need more rest, I have to sleep earlier

Communication- Talk to more people, start by saying hello to more people