A Trip to the Philippines

by: Miika, Teja, and Sanskriti

Location of the Philippines

It is located just off the Southeastern coast of Asia. The city that we will be visiting is the capital city, Manila. Manila is located 14 degrees North and 121 degrees East. The Philippines is a very amazing place, and you can learn about all of its culture and climate on this presentation.

Seasons and Biomes

The Philippines has mainly one season: Summer. They don't have Summer vacation all year though! They still go to school, but it is very hot all year. It is very hot because the Philippines is a tropical rainforest. This means that there are a lot of different kinds of animals there, and it rains throughout most of the year!


Mount Apo

Mount Apo was formed when two tectonic plates collided and pushed towards each other to form a huge bump, called a mountain.


The Philippines is very warm. It is very close to the equator, so it gets a lot of sunlight year round. It is also surrounded by a lot of water (the Pacific Ocean). The water keeps its warmth all year.

Natural Disasters