Air Traffic Control Operator

Waldo Diaz

Job Description


The person will be responsible for directing air traffic and has the lives of thousands of people on their hands. They will tell planes where to go and have to use logistics to do so. The career comes with the perk of getting certified by the Federal Aviation Administration meaning they can work anywhere in the world where they fly.

Daily Tasks and Requirements

Use a two-way radio communications, radar systems, landline communications systems, and visual light-gun signals.


8 and a half weeks of military training

Jobs Skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Logistics
  • Electronics
  • Computers and Computer-science
  • Business
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Job Statistics


There is little change because there is a 1% growth


An average person makes $17,892 but the government will basically cover everything for you (living expenses, tuition assistance, etc).


For this career, the person is required to be in control tower the whole time. People in this career will be stationed in different air force bases around the world.


Public Air Traffic Operator

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High School Preparation

Related Courses
  • TSI
  • Mathematics
  • Networking

Extracurricular Activities

  • Computer club
  • Engineering club


Adam Labriola

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My Plans

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Major in Computer Science

Benefits from Air Force enlistment

Become an Information Technology (IT) Architect