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Anaximander's beliefs

Anaximander was a brillient teacher, he taught the greeks about the stars,moons,planets,comets,asteroids,meteorites,and the sun.He also talked about how the world first started with sea creatures.He wrote a book on nature.

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3 branches of science that Anaximander started

More about Anaximander

Anaximander believed that the substances like hot and cold and dry and wet clashed,creating the world.Anaximander pioneered three branches of science(as seen above).

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Famous quotes

'Whence things have their origin,
Thence also their destruction happens,
As is the order of things;
For they execute the sentence upon one another
- The condemnation for the crime -
In conformity with the ordinance of Time.
Anaximander. Quoted by Simplicius of Cilicia . 5th century AD.

Woraus aber die Dinge das Entstehen haben, dahin geht auch ihr Vergehen nach der Notwendigkeit; denn sie zahlen einander Strafe und Buße für ihre Ruchlosigkeit nach der festgesetzten Zeit.” – “But where things emerge, they are going by (to) with evidence, for they are paying fine and expiation for their nefariousness after a stipulated time.”
Anaximander. translated by Diels, H. and W. Kranz, eds., Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker. 1974.