The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Travis Younker


The author's text structure defines Walter Mitty as a victimized being.

Claim one

First, During the first daydream that occurs, he gets interrupted by his wife, in a rather harsh way. By not standing up to her, he is showing how he is submissive. A victim of any sort is unlikely to stand up for themselves.
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Claim 2

Secondly, coming out of his second daydream, he gets reprimanded by the garage man. After this incident , he is unable to speak any other word than "oh". Generally people who are victimized by others are people who are unable to get their words out.

Claim 3

Lastly, in his third daydream, the way he is unhappy. His unhappiness later makes his remember the dog biscuits. The way he is forgetful hints that victimization is a possibility.


Walter Mitty's actions lead to a liable assumption of victimization.
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