Old Town Star Staff News

February 1st through February 12th

Our ROCK STAR of the WEEK is...

Name: Alyssa Barrera

Current Gig: LSSP (Licensed Specialist in School Psychologist)

Personal Life: I'm the oldest in my family and have 2 younger sisters (24 and 19 yrs. old) who live with my parents back home in good 'ol San Benito, TX, which is located about 30 minutes from South Padre Island. I currently live in the Wells Branch area with my roommate, Sarah. We've known each other since waaay back in middle school. I typically spend each weekend at my boyfriend Charlie's house in South Austin. He is actually my roommate's cousin, whom I've also known since middle school. We've been together about 2 years. In our spare time, we typically like to lounge around, hang out with his family and eat good food, watch football and The Walking Dead, or BBQ.

One word to describe yourself and why: Funny. I'd like to think I have an entertaining sense of humor and can always make the best of a bad situation by putting a funny twist on it :)

Most interesting job: One of my first work-study jobs in college was actually being a "ball-chaser" at the Southwestern University soccer games. Awkward....

Favorite hobbies away from school: I watch a TON of television shows: Chicago Fire, The Walking Dead, The Affair, How to Get Away With Murder. It's a full-time job keeping up with them all!
Favorite song: Adele's "Hello".....because duh...Adele...
If I wasn't at Old Town, I'd..: pretty much be miserable. Anywhere else would be total downgrade ;)

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Next Week...

Monday, Feb 1

Mya’s off campus today

Counselor Appreciation Week

STAAR Ready window opens - 5th math

STEM Projects due today

Tuesday, Feb 2

Counselor Appreciation Week

Mya’s to North ISD for Site Visit

Leslie to TCEA Convention through 2/4

Popcorn Day

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

Environmental Art Club Mtg

PTA Mtg/1st Grade Music Program & Family Math & Science Night 6pm

Happy Birthday to Virginia Vandiver!

Wednesday, Feb 3

Counselor Appreciation Week

PTA Staff Luncheon - soup & salad

Jessica’s off campus to CTC training

Early Release Day / Staff Dev

Happy Birthday Tom Scurry!

Thursday, Feb 4

Counselor Appreciation Week

Spring Picture Day (see separate schedule)

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

TAG half day planning AM

SLT DL/WL Retreat @ Athletic Complex PM

Friday, Feb 5

Counselor Appreciation Week

CAT Mtg 8am

3rd - 5th SST (Behavior)

Saturday, Feb 6

Happy Birthday Scarlett Steele

Friendly Reminders To...

Get those Teacher of the Year and Paraprofessional of the Year nominations in by Monday, February 1, 2016!


Keep those Burning DL Questions Coming at this link!!!

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From Debbie Miller's Teaching with Intention...

From all the ways we put our thinking and theirs on display to what we say and do to foster and find significance in student thinking, we’re letting kids in on who we are, what we expect from them (and ourselves), and what we believe about teaching and learning.

Super Star Shout Outs!

Warm appreciations again to Jessica and team of volunteers who coordinated the UIL Celebration for our students! And to Keri Rabe for being a great hostess for the district librarian's meeting and for coordinating another terrific children's author, Bridgett Heos!

GINORMOUS THANK YOU to each of you who practiced assembly expectations prior to our Semester Awards Assemblies! Our Kinder, Second, Third and Fifth Grades really demonstrated STAR Excellence by being attentively listening and demonstrating patience and respect during their assemblies! Fabulous job!!!

As always, thank each of you for another fantastic week of teaching and learning!

Have an AWESOME weekend everybody!!!

The Week After....

Monday, Feb 8

Mya to Executive Team Mtg (AM)

Cub Scouts Mtg 6:30pm

Tuesday, Feb 9

Mya to Principal’s Mtg (AM)

Progress Reports go home today

3rd grade PBL Planning (PM)

Student Council Mtg 2:45pm

PTA Reflections 6:30 (PAC)

Wednesday, Feb 10

Jessica to TELPAS Training (AM)

5th grade PBL planning (PM)

SLT Mtg 3:05pm

Thursday, Feb 11

Variety Show forms due today!

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

District Visitors to Next Gen Classrooms 8am-11am

Principal’s Brown Bag 12pm (4th Grade Parents)

Friday, Feb 12

MOY BAS window closes - Kg

CAT Mtg 8am

Leslie’s to ITS Mtg

Kg-2nd SST (review Tier 2 students)

Classroom Valentine’s Day parties

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Old Town Elementary Vision & Mission

To highly engage ALL learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking