Mrs. Fletcher's Class News

March 20, 2016

Important Dates

March 22nd-Turn in all plastic eggs filled with candy (no chocolate) for the egg hunt.


*All background checks must be completed and in the system if you would like to be a chaperone. Nelson teachers have no control over how long this process takes.

March 24th-Kindergarten Egg Hunt-This is not a party. It is a fun annual event for all of our kindergarten students!

March 25th-Good Friday/NO SCHOOL

March 28th-Bags of candy for our STAAR buddies are due.

March 29th-30th-STAAR Test for 4th and 5th grade. No visitors on campus per TEA regulations.

What are we learning?

Reading-Identifying the topic and details of non-fiction text/Revisiting accuracy strategies.

Word Work-We will be learning about the "in" word family as well as the "tr", "dr" and "ur" blends. These blends can be difficult for kindergartner's to hear because they are still developing concise speech articulation.

Writing-Students will be writing a non-fiction book about a topic of their choice. We will be paying close attention to making our pictures detailed.

Social Studies-Students will identify customs and traditions of their family. We will be comparing similarities and differences among families from around the world.

Math-We have been working hard on addition and subtraction! We are moving on to comparing quantities (written or with math tools). Students will have to decide who has more or less. *Comparing can be challenging if a student is still working on counting or addition/subtraction. It all builds as we move along.