Parent Peek at the Week

Week of May 9th, 2022

In case you missed it!

Happy Mother's Day to all our wonderful Kawartha Heights Mothers (and those that love and care just like a mom)!!!!

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Important Dates

Monday, May 9th - Day 2

Tuesday, May 10th - Day 3

  • 9:15am - Vice-Principal Rebecca Jones visiting with the Grade 6's to begin the transition to Intermediate
  • 1:40pm - VIP program continues for the Grade 6's

Wednesday, May 11th - Day 4

  • All day - Lacrosse Clinic (see schedule below)

Thursday, May 12th - Day 5
  • All day - Lacrosse Clinic (see schedule below)

Friday, May 13th - Day 1

  • Morning - Picture day in the gym (individual photos only)
  • All day - wear your favourite sports jersey in support of Pedal for Hope!

Upcoming Dates:

  • May 20th - Pedal for Hope "bike by" by the P4H team
  • May 20th - Blue and Yellow Day in support of Pedal for Hope
  • May 25th - Bus evacuation drills
  • Week of May 30th - EQAO for Grades 3 and 6
  • June 6th - School Council
  • June 10th - PA Day

Covid Daily Screener

This is just a reminder that it is critical and expected that you complete the daily Covid screener before coming to school. You no longer need to complete the attestation form, but the screener is still a requirement. If you are experiencing ANY signs of illness, the screener will indicate you are not to come to school. If you test at home and the results are NEGATIVE, but you still have symptoms and do not feel well you do NOT attend school. Thank you for doing your part to keep us all safe!!!

For your reference, the screener can be found at:

At Kawartha Heights, how do we determine class placements for September 2022?

Over the course of this year, I have had many discussions with parents inquiring about the process we use to decide which class students are placed in for the upcoming school year. This article will give you more information about how the process is completed.

The allocation of the number of teachers each year is based on our projected enrollment, through the Board office. Staff assignments are subject to change each year, especially in a climate of changing enrollment. In addition, the requirement for combined grade classes varies from year to year depending entirely on the number of students. It's even more complicated in our current times, as when students move to virtual learning, staff need to move too. This reduces our number of classes, enrollment and our staffing.

Each year in June, our team meets to make up classes for next year. Before our meetings begin, we have a general idea of the number of classes we will have and whether there will be combined grades or straight grades. This is still subject to change between June and October, as enrollment may increase or decrease.

When we meet, student placement is always determined collaboratively by the team, taking into account a variety of different factors. Each meeting focuses on only one grade at a time, and the current grade teacher, SERT and Administration look at the following factors to determine best placement:

- A range of academic abilities in each class

- A balance between boys and girls (where possible)

- Consideration for ensuring a friend is with each student - this does not mean a student’s best friend, but rather a friend that best supports their learning

- Specific information provided by parents that does not include requesting a favourite teacher, requesting favourite friends or requesting straight grade classes

- Specific individual and unique issues that we are aware of as a school team

Our shared goal is to provide the best possible learning environment for each child. This is a balanced classroom. A balanced classroom also includes students with a range of academic abilities and incorporates a match between student needs and the available resources to address those needs.

After due consideration by the school team, the final responsibility for school organization rests with the Principal. This is a responsibility that is taken very seriously with the best interest of all students in mind. If there is something specific that you would like us to know when considering your child’s class placement for next year (please refer to the factors above), please inform Mrs. Sampson by email by May 27th. Note: requests for a specific teacher or for a child to be with a specific friend are not usually entertained.

As a staff, Kawartha Heights is committed to a thorough placement process in support of student achievement. Most years we share the classroom teacher's name for next year in your child's report card. Now that report cards are all shared electronically, this process may change. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. It is very important to note that changes to enrollment over the summer may effect prior decisions about class organization. It is also important that parents understand that unanticipated staff changes over the summer, moves to or from the Virtual School or fall reorganization to balance class sizes, may require a revision to your child’s classroom.

School Photos

This Friday, May 13th is School Photo Day for Kawartha Heights!

Due to the on-going pandemic and continued cases of Covid at our school, there will be no class photos again this year. However, each student will have the opportunity to mark the year through an individual photo.

Thank you to Edge Imaging for providing us with this service!

Lacrosse Clinic

With a HUGE thank you to School Council, we are thrilled to welcome Peterborough Lacrosse to our school this week for a lacrosse clinic. Each class will have a 50 minute time with the team, according to the schedule listed below.

Please ensure your children come to school prepared for outdoor physical activity on their day.

Pedal for Hope

Once again this year, the Pedal for Hope team will be completing their tour to raise funds to fight childhood cancer. This is always a very popular event for our school!

To join our school team and fundraise with me, please go to:

On Friday, May 20th, the team will be cycling by all Peterborough schools. They will not be stopping, but we'll be able to line the street and cheer them on as they go by our school.

Our campaign launches this week and will run for the next 3 weeks. Here is a break down of our focus for each week:

May 13th - Wear your favourite sports jersey day (some like to wear it for school photos - others can throw it on after photos have been taken!)

May 20th - Wear blue and yellow in support of Pedal for Hope! This is also the day that the team will be cycling by our school.

If your child would like to cut their hair, shave their head, or dye their hair, please do so in time for our "drive by" parade on Friday, May 20th.

For students who wish to cut their pony tail: Arrangements have been made for cut pony tails to go to Wigs for Kids who ask for 12 inches or more. Hair must be clean and dry, and should not be chemically treated (bleach, colour or perm).

Create a pony tail or braid with an elastic band and a minimum of 12 inches in length.

Measure the length of the pony tail from the elastic band to the tips, making sure it's at least 12 inches in length. The pony tail should be cut just above the elastic band so that the elastic band remains on the pony tail after cutting and keeps the hair together. Pedal for Hope will pick up any pony tails collected from the school when they cycle past on May 20th.

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From the KPR Board Office

Dear KPR Families,

As Education Week and Mental Health Week come to a close, I am inspired by the actions of our KPR community, as we continue to emphasize how interconnected education and mental health are to student success. We continue to share student and staff progress and successes with #LearningMatters #BelongingMatters and #RelationshipMatters. We are fortunate to have access to resources from KPR’s Mental Health and Wellbeing team that include conversation starters, and other manageable and meaningful actions and activities. Thank you everyone for participating in our collective commitment to success and wellness for all.

This week we also recognized May 5th as the National Day of Awareness and Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Gender diverse people with important learning, from KPR’s Indigenous Education Department.

Looking ahead to next week, May 10 is Jordan’s Principle Day. In 2016, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) determined the Government of Canada's approach to services for First Nations children was discriminatory. Jordan’s Principle is a child first principle and legal rule named in memory of Jordan River Anderson, a child with complex medical needs from Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba. Jordan’s Principle ensures First Nations children receive the services and supports they need when they need them. This includes a wide range of health, social and educational needs, including the unique needs that First Nations, Two-Spirit and LGBTQQIA children and youth and those with disabilities may have. Please join me in learning more about this important issue, and sharing awareness with others.

May 12 is Moose Hide Campaign Day - a grassroots movement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and boys working together to end violence towards women and children.

Thank you to all students, staff and families for their active participation in this important learning - together, we continue to prioritize the inclusion of authentic and diverse voices in all our school communities!


Rita Russo
Director of Education


Policy Feedback Wanted!

KPR staff, families and community members are invited to provide feedback on Board Policy 7.1 Communications with the Community,

Board policies and corresponding administrative regulations govern the day-to-day work of our schools and the Board. Policies are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they remain up-to-date, culturally relevant and responsive.

Taking into consideration feedback received, recommended policy updates will be shared with the Board of Trustees in the fall.

I ❤️ Public Education” OPSBA Campaign

In an effort to showcase the diversity of voices in public schools across the province, the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) and Ontario Student Trustee Association’s (OSTA-AECO) Public Board Council is asking students, schools or families to submit a short clip (three to five seconds) holding a small sign with the phrase/image: “I ❤️ Public Education!” Participants can write this in their “first language” (which may or may not be English) or any non-English language typically spoken at home. The submissions will be used to create a two to three minute video showing the full range of diversity of ages, faces, voices, and places that make up our provincial public schools, and their collective love of learning and the shared values of public education. More information is available on the OPSBA website.

One more thing....

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