Welcome to China Town: Chicago

Learn the Chinese culture, food, schools,& tourist sights

tourist sights to see !

china town is one if Chicago most exciting neighborhoods to tour. And If you going to tour china town your going to want a nice place to go to right? Well one of the most beautiful tourist sight in china town is the Chinese- american museum. where you'll learn the history of the area. And you can either Relax next to the river or rent a kayak at the scenic Ping Tom Memorial park.
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when your not walking aroud all of the beautiful tourist sights your gonna wanna know a good place to eat

Many people love Chinese food, So whats better than eating it in china town! There are a lot of amazing Chinese restaurants, but the most popular Chinese restaurant is called the wok in. The person who owns this restaurant is a famous Hollywood star too they call her tiger lill. . and the grand opening was not to long ago.The Wok In is a Chinese restaurant with french cuisine.
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Important dances

The number one dance in Chicago Chinatown is the lion dance. A simple dance where people all get together and there are big lion heads every where! but it is an important part to their culture. the lion dance has been around for thousands of years. The dance is categorized in two categories the northern lion and the southern lion.the music they dance to is called "tang shu".
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schools in Chinatown

Some of the schools in Chinatown are just chines and some of them teach English to. If you look at the picture below you will see a beautiful picture of Chicago Chinatown school. I think this is pretty cool because this school doesn't look like a normal building it actually has authentic chines designs!
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Cloths to ware in Chinatown

Many people in Chinatown ware the traditional kimono,, But since we are in a more modern time, people in Chinatown and china are starting to change there clothes and style. Although they might be changing there styles they still ware appropriate clothes to fit there culture. some of the clothes they ware might be a skirt and blouse or a dress.
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Chinatown food

The wok in might be an amazing restaurant but you might want to know some of the traditional food they eat in Chinatown Chicago.

One of the most popular foods to eat in Chinatown and in china is of course chines food. but want kind? Noodles are a basic staple food in China. Chinese people love noodles very much, especially in the north , other food that is well known in Chinatown is gong bao chicken, ma PO tofu, wantons, dumplings, spring rolls, and chow mien. something interesting to me is that china town in Chicago is not even close to china but they still eat the same exact foods!

Sports to play !

In Chinatown and china the most well known sport in of course karate. This sport is played by multiple people and fit's in with chines customs as well. A great karate studio is ran by master Wang in china town. Master Wang's karate studio keeps the chines culture. It is a very well known karate studio in Chinatown.
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I hope you enjoy the chines culture and customes china town has to offer !!!!