Haleigh's Life Story

All About Me




My name is Haleigh W.

I live with my mom, my dad,my brother,and my two dogs.

I am 8 years old.

I like to be Active, and I love Gymnastics.

Meet My Family

My Mom, Danni

My mom loves clothes.

She takes a lot of time to get ready.

She teaches Texas Fit Chicks.

She is strong too.

My mom is 37.

My Brother, Braylon

My brother likes nerf guns.

He likes his xbox.

He enjoys playing sports.

He loves to annoy me.

He's 10 years old.

My Dad, Bodie

My dad loves to go dove hunting.

He likes camo too.

He is strong.

My dad is 37.

Important Events

My Family Spartan Race

My first spartan race. I did not really like my first spartan race, but my brother did. Do you want to know why I did not like my first spartan race is because I tripped and fell on a rock and started bleeding so I did not have a good day.

My Interests

Important Goals


Here's a few more things about me: I like to play with my family, I like to pop my dogs face when I play with him, and I like to dress my dog up. I hope you like reading my story.