2013 — 2015 EDITION

This trip was arguably the most memorable event of the 7th grade year. For many students here at BRMS, it was their first time going somewhere foreign and camping there for a night. Aside from the nerves and normal fears of unplanned things happening, Fairview was also one of the most exciting events of the year. In addition to camping, students had the chance to participate in various activities during the day. These included archery, survival skills, and teamwork-building activities. The trip was educational as much as it was fun for the 7th grade. I know that all of the 7th graders to come will enjoy this trip as much as I did!

Feeling Good, Funnel Cake and Festivity (HERSHEY PARK: MAY 2015)

If you're currently in the 8th grade, you're probably well aware that you won't be coming to BRMS for school anymore in September 2015. These are your last few days of learning at this middle school. To celebrate their graduation, the school put together a 2-day-long "field trip" of sorts to Hershey Park for the students.

On the first night, the students arrived at Hershey Lodge, a small hotel not far from the park itself. During a delicious dinner, DJ King played a few slow songs to prepare the students for the next few hours that lay ahead.

After finishing eating, the students rushed to the dance floor to begin arguably the most fun part of the trip. The lights were dimmed, the speakers were turned up, and the overall mood of the entire room was changed dramatically. The DJ began to play some of the songs requested by the students themselves. And... the rest is history.

Students prepared for a long day ahead of them the next morning. Packing their bags and saying goodbye to Hershey Lodge, they boarded the buses. It wasn't calm on the buses, however; the excitement level was still off-the-charts. Why? HERSHEY PARK!!! RIDES!!! FUNNEL CAKE!!! FUN!!!

Our Voices Need to be Heard!

Dear editor,

We're leaving the school, but that doesn't mean we're leaving 100% content with our experiences here. Sure, the two years were unforgettable, but there were still some things that I and other students surely weren't happy about.

The first thing that the school needs to improve upon is the quality of the lunches they serve to the students. Firstly, the students don't have too much ability to choose what they eat. Sure, there are two lines in which students can go to buy food to eat, but one of them has the same choices everyday, and the other has different food everyday. However, the students still don't get to choose what to eat. What if the hot lunch is chicken nuggets, and there are vegetarian students who are looking to buy the hot lunch? The lunches aren't always healthy, either.

We hope you hear us out and make improvements as needed.

~The Students

Earthquake Hits Coast of Tonga

Tonga, a Pacific nation, was recently hit by an earthquake of magnitude 6.3, says the U.S. Geological Survey. Citizens felt the tremors at 11:07 PM local time, and even though the earthquake hit an area in the ocean 89 kilometers from Hihifo, Tonga, no tsunami warnings went into effect.

Tonga is a nation that sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire," a region that experiences frequent seismic activity due to collisions from continental plates. This can cause active volcanoes to erupt suddenly and sometimes extremely violently, which is why the region is dubbed "Ring of Fire."