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Tips On How To Share Your Personal School Stories Of Recent Day Academic Stress for a new Film Festival?

If you are one of those who often go down the memory lane to explore the unshared and personal school stories, perhaps this would be the time to share them to the world. School Stories, the latest multi-channel short film, Film and screenplay Festival, will launch this February to focus on the struggles, triumphs and challenges that the vast majority of students keep secret while confronting the current day academic stresses plus the universally challenging written language and standardized test based school system. Read more info about Dyslexia

The Way To Reveal The Stories To The World?

It is the time to get started if you have already figured out which story you will bring in front of the world. Select the medium by which you want to express yourself. Below are a few options which you can use to tell your story:

• You can make a smart phone film.
• You can post a slide show or screenplay outline.
• You can definitely develop a social media presence through pictures, graphics or words.

How To Make Simple The Submission?

Submit your concept to School Stories hopes to inspire stories of surviving to thriving, from middle school to university, from anxiety to PTSD, from coping to doping.

How Did The Reasoning Emerge?

The notion for any festival and the broader educational change initiative was envisioned by Stephen Polk after years of battling with school himself and meeting other families struggling with Dyslexia. Stephen Polk can be a well-knownindie-film producer who may have already produced films like Holiday Baggage, Pirate Camp.

What Happens Following The Submission?

If you get selected from all the submissions made, you will be mentored by a team of leading short filmmakers. You will additionally be provided completion funds to expand and promote your vision. Your stories will also be featured over the School Stories Television Series.