by Jiniah Wright


But you know how it is when you're doing something that's your own idea.

Chapter 2

Luckily school was over by this time , or i didn't think i could have done it

Chapter 4

''The egg hatched today ,or some things like that.''

Chapter 5

The egg hatched today as if I know.

Chapter 6

The dinosaur felt wet and slimy kinda since we both held him.Before I could go outside and see how much the dinosaur weighs my mom told me to put the scaler behind the shed and said I dont want something that a crture touched in my house.

Chapter 7

Uncle Beazley was a good name for a dinosaur right????I don't know.when we was outside drinking lemonade Dr.Ziemer stired his glass so that all the sugar in the bottom won't be stuck.

Chapter 8

The man with the suit case, said that Dr.Ziemerr was living in the devil hous, and that wasn't nice to say of him and that house.Even though the man with that suit case was uguly but was tall at the same time.

Chapter 10

The paleontologist man kepted asking to buy my dinosaur , but I kepted saying no!!!!!!!!!

Plus my dinosaur keeps getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

I wont take the money, or sell my dinosaur.

Me and my dinosaur took a walk, so that he could get a little exercise.

Chapter 11

But it's going to be hard to give him up,though,isn't it,Nate?"

W got our rods and the bait can and started down the lake.

Chapter 12

I had a plan to put some grass in front of his nose, so that he would wake up, and so he could be a little bit awoke. He weighed Eleven hundred and forty pounds, and that a lot of pounds. Plus I went to Washington, so I could see what they was going to say. We had to push the dinosaur in the vehicle so that we could go but he was so lazy, so it took forever.

Chapter 13

People kept messing with Beazley eyes because they kept snapping photos of him, and I didn't like that not one bit. Plus I started knowing the place better because Dr.Zeimer took me a lot of places, and I liked that spending time with old Dr.Zeimer.

Chapter 14

I was still kind of scared of the man with that cigar in his had although he was kind of acting kind of strange. Dr.Zeimer was acting shocked after he heard that the man on the telephone said that I was riding a dinosaur. I was mad when he said that I couldn't walk Uncle Beazley.