Nepal's Mighty 'Quake

-The Tragic Nepal Earthquake-

-The April 2015 Nepal earthquake had killed more than 8,800 people and injured more than 23,000.
-The Earthquake triggered an Avalanche On Mount Everest, killing at l9, It triggered another huge avalanche in the Langtang valley, where 250 people were reported missing.

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Kathmandu , Nepal -

  • Tens of thousands of people were spending the night in the open under a chilly and thunderous sky after a powerful earthquake devastated Nepal on Saturday, killing more than 1,180 people, collapsing modern houses and ancient temples and triggering a landslide on Mount Everest.

  • The magnitude 7.8 earthquake, which originated outside Kathmandu, was the worst tremor to hit the poor South Asian nation in over 80 years. It was strong enough to be felt all across the northern part of neighbouring India, Bangladesh, Tibet and Pakistan, where a total of 50 people died.

-Tectonic activity makes region unstable

  • Nepal is prone to earthquakes because it is at the junction of the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates. The Himalayas were created when the plates collided millions of years ago, and the still-moving Indian plate pushes the mountains a few millimetres higher every year.

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-Epicenter was near Nepal’s most densely populated area

  • Nepal is home to about 31 million people, more than 1.1 million of whom live in and around Kathmandu, thecapital. The map shows the population density in each district.
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-Damage reported in far-flung places

Aftershocks continued to rock the region Monday and were felt in New Delhi and other locations hundreds of miles away.


Indian officials confirmed more than 60 fatalities in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. Assam and Bihar states and the Darjeeling hill region reported many collapsed buildings.


Nepal's state-run TV reported that about 200 people were trapped in the landmark Dharahara tower, built in 1932, which collapsed along with several other historic buildings. Many hundreds were killed in the Kathmandu Valley.


In this remote town near the epicenter, a local news organization reported that 700 villagers may have died and only four of the 1,200 homes are still standing.