Mexico city

by ishmael cabral

the food that we love

You thought that hot dogs and pizza are the best but not after you taste this. When your in a mood for coffee and have nothing to eat it with then you can go to the bakery and get a cconcha. Conchas are the best to go in the morning in the afternoon and at night.if your feeling sick then you should eat menudo. Menudo will help you becouse its good and hot so it will get all the sickness to go away. I dont know about you but i will go to the nearest super market and i will buy all my food there because its fresh.

What to do

Our city is a big city and you can do a whole lot of things. At parties you can dance to music with your family.If your at home and have nothing to do then you can go down town and eat good food and hear live music. Soccer games are the funnest place to go because its loud and you don't have to worry about anything.

How is the weather?

We have good weather there is birds and wonderful flowers. You could also go to the park and play with your kids and have a party. You can go for a hike because its so sunny and beautiful.Is mostly sunny and hot during the summer. So come on and visit our city its great.

Our history

Our history was not just about the Alamo their is still s whole lot of historical things. We believe in the mother of Jesus, Guadalupe. She cures owners pains and all of your problems we have. If you have done something bad and you feel bad about it than you can come to church and pray to her and she will forgive you.Did you know that Mexico city is one of the cities in the world. Also that Mexico city was build o top of another city Is cool or what.

Whats left

Did you know that there is a pyramid under a church. We also have a something to represent our independence. Its gold and its an angel. We have tall buildings and a lot of people working in those buildings. Along time ago there were mayas living in mexico city.

Mexico cities language.

Do you want to know how talk Spanish. In mexico we talk Spanish so if you do not know how? then you can buy a Spanish dictionary. We got our language from Spain. Spain came to Mexico and we learned it from them.