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'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food' — Hippocrates

As a private chef, I understand the link between good food and good health. Buying fresh, healthy ingredients and knowing how to prepare them in a healthy way that tastes great is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of knowledge and hard work.

That’s why I started Angels in the Kitchen. I want to help people who believe that healthy food can stop—and even reverse---chronic diseases. People who are committed to this approach but who need help executing it.


Your Angel is coming to your kitchen to provide you with healthy juices and light meals designed to your particular needs and tastes. The dishes would be based on a Meditarrean or Paleolithic diet. We will discuss the menu together every week or you can let us figured that out for you. The price of the Grocery shopping will be billed separatly on a weekly basics. We will send an email with a link to pay the groceries directly.

Some of Our Top Testimonials"

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Juicing and Healthy Meals In-Home Chef's Services

Kitchens Angels

~ Beth, Beverly Hills, California

"My best friend Kelly has arthritis. She hired Natacha's In-Home Chefs services. Natacha placed a chef in her home. It's been a little over six months now and her health condition dramatically improved.

Kelly introduced me to Natacha. I have been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. Natacha matched me with a private chef who comes to my home.

My "Angel" has been preparing delicious juices for me and light vegetarian meals to help control my diabetes. I love the menu and the dishes are delicious. I was not a vegetarian before but I love it! I am not frustrated at all about my new diet because I am on the road to wellness."

~ Jessica, Los Angeles, California

"My daughter has had numerous allergies and health problems. I contacted Kitchens Angels and we worked on a holistic wellness program.

They developed a personalized menu to improve her health, and it is working. Her inflammation and pain are diminishing day-by-day. We will stick to the plan for as long as it takes for her to get better.

Kitchens Angels really changed my daughter’s life. I am so happy with her progress. I see her regaining her energy. As a mom, it really warmed my heart with joy."

~ Marion, Marina del Rey, California

"I had thyroid problems and a hormonal imbalance for as long as I can remember. Hypothyroidism runs in my family, so I always believed it was genetic. I had no idea that it could also be caused by the environment. I never thought that it could be improved with certain food and lifestyle changes.

Natacha created a meal and juicing plan to rebalance my hormones. My condition improved. I cannot thank Natacha enough for guiding me. I thank god for sending her my way!"

~ Josh, Hollywood Hills, California

"As an actor and performer, I need to take care of my appearance, so my diet and lifestyle are crucial to me. I don't have much time to prepare my meals. But I dislike eating out because I am not sure about the food sources and quality of prepared meals. I also prefer using my kitchen for hygiene reasons.

Hiring a chef has been the best solution for me. I’m in my top pick performance, thanks to Natacha's Angels."

~ Brian N., Santa Monica, California

"I am a young and busy professional working in the high tech industry. Basically my diet consisted of take-away and processed meals. I don't really know how to cook, and I used a microwave.

I came in contact with Kitchens Angles a few months ago. Natacha convinced me that changing my diet and adjusting my lifestyle will be beneficial in reducing my stress.

I gave it a shot. Now I sleep better and have more energy. I am a living proof that her meal plan, for better health, works. I feel brand new.

I am keeping my private chef. Every morning, when I leave for my office, I have a power breakfast and a tasty lunch to bring with me. And when I come home, I have a healthy and delicious dinner waiting for me. Life is wonderful!"