Eat and Be Merry!! cheer and goodies galore...

"Fat Week" (because you will feel jolly and fat after eating all week!)

Fa-la-la: Snacks in the Office Conference Room all next week!

  • Monday - breakfast
  • Tuesday - "pick-up" food all day
  • Wednesday - lunch & desserts (provided by Administration as your Holiday Gift! ENJOY!)
  • Thursday - dessert bar
  • Friday - breakfast

Brought to you by parents, administration, magical elves and the Social Committee.

A Christmas Poem for Teachers (by Amy Oelschlager)

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the school,
The children were crazy. I was losing my cool!
Their papers aren't finished, they don't want to work.
But when I try to make them, I feel like a jerk!
I'm tired, I'm cranky...these kids have it coming...
But I stop and I think: what a Scrooge I'm becoming!
So I tune out their chatter and I try to enjoy
The last days before Christmas with each girl and boy
They are so excited and buzz with holiday cheer
And then homemade presents begin to appear.
Be-glittered and fashioned with craft sticks and glue,
And of course there's a "Best Teacher" mug or two!
The last day, they come as candy-crazed creatures
But then it's TWO WEEKS of break....