All About Me

By: Andy Yang


My favorite hobby is tennis, the reason why I like tennis is because I have lots of friend, and also it is fun because you actually get to know and get better as you go on, because when I first tried tennis it was really hard, but now since I am getting better and start to play tournaments and leagues, I could do must more.

One interesting fact about me playing tennis that one time, I play in the 18's bracket, which was pretty amazing, and hard, my partner is really good, we lost at the semi final which is really close and amazing compared to the kids, of my height and how much longer they have played.

My other favorite hobby is hanging out with friends and relative because it's fun, and cool because you get to know each other better, and also do many fun activities, one time my friends and I went to a place where we have to escape which was pretty hard, and frustrating, and also really fun because at the end we were just like "WOW" because it was right in front of our nose, but the fun part was that we have to solve, which I really felt like a detective.

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My Family

In my family, I have a dad, a mom, and a little sister. my sister have brown hair, but we have black hair, which is pretty confusing. What we mostly do together is play tennis, we play tennis everyday, we play around 1-3 hour a day, then go home and eat and then mostly go to sleep since we have other things, like school, and etc. Also I have a toy poodle (a real dog) he is small and cute, his name is Summer since we got him when it was summer, and also Summer have a orange/reddish color fur.

I have many uncles and aunts, they are really nice, and cool, because sometime we hang out, and play video games. I also have a grandma and a grandpa.

When we celebrate a holiday we mostly go over to grandma/grandpa house and celebrate there since their place is bigger in the inside.

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My favorite food is almost all the food, except for some vegetables and fruits, but I would mostly eat anything, but if I go to the buffet, my favorite would be dumplings with the sauce, I don't know why I like it a lot maybe because of the taste or the stuff inside because, I just want to keep on want to eat the dumplings more and more, but I do take some other stuff.

The other food that I like is noodles because I like the taste of the liquid, and the noodle. Also we don't really eat noodle a lot we mostly eat chicken and rice and etc.

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Our Favorite Place to Go

We like to go to Mt. Olympus, because we could ride rides and go swimming and also relax, but my favorite thing to do there is eat because they have delicious food but also not really healthy. The other reason I really like going their is the rides, my sister also really likes the rides also. My parents like to go swimming but mostly relaxing and talking, we usually go with our relatives which makes it really fun because we haven't seen each other for a very long time, so it is also like a family meeting where we go and greet each other and swim, relax, eat, and more.

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