What do we want our students to learn from us?


Do we want children to get excited about school because they want to learn something new or do we want them to get excited about getting an A and beating their classmates?

What they learn- or how they learn it?

  • Should they focus on how well they are doing or on what they are doing?
  • ...and why?
  • Or should they do what we do; commit to continuing learning?
  • Are we modelling the right attitudes to learning?

Reflecting on our purpose allows us to become better at what we do.

Teaching is an ongoing journey- we don't simply arrive

The Focus is on the Student

Considering what and how they learn

So where to go from here?

  • join a professional learning community- in school, online, both
  • keep a reflective journal or sets of notes
  • participate in professional learning on a regular basis
  • challenge yourself to learn something new about your students and your teaching

Learning from our peers

Visiting classrooms allows us to see how others teach.

  • set up a meeting with a teacher you want to visit
  • Go in with a goal in mind (e.g. questioning techniques)
  • take notes on the topic you are investigating
  • make time to discuss your observations with the teacher (within 48 hours)
  • set goals for how you will use your new knowledge to transfer it into skill
  • reciprocate- allow others to visit you

This all helps to create a community of learners that is the PLC


The more we share our ideas, thoughts, questions and observations, the more we learn; the more we learn, the more we engage; the more we engage, the better we teach; the better we teach, the better our students learn.