The Cities Inside Us

Flyer by: Olivia Sirota

What to look forward to

Everyone experiences things differently in life. Whether you were born in New Zealand or born in California. Nothing is the same for anyone. You may have seen and done the same things as someone else but experienced it in total opposite ways. I present to you the eye-opening work of Alberto Rios' poem, "The Cities Inside Us."

A Blurb from the Masterpiece

"We live in secret cities, and we travel unmapped roads. We speak words between us that we recognize, but which cannot be looked up. They are our words, they come from very far inside our mouths." (.........)

My Summary of the poem

My interpretation of the poem is that Alberto is talking about growing up differently from others. That what we see everyday is different from people across the world. We have all been brought up in various ways, and we see the world the way we choose to see it. The way we see it is all locked up in our brains with memories from which we've created.

A little bit about the poet Himself

Alberto Rios is known to be Arizona's first state poet laureate. Laureate means that he was honored for having a creative or intellectual achievement. A position he holds till this day. He is an author of ten books, and chapbooks of poetry, three collection of short stories, and a memoir. His poetry has been honored with several awards and nominations, and has inspired many people.