LMS News Bulletin


Team: Great job this week with the STAAR exam. You guys made it look easy and we had almost no issues. Great job filling in where needed and working as a team. That's just another reason why our staff is the best in Texas and I'm happy to be a part of it.


- Denise Brademan for another hard week of making preparations so the STAAR exams run smoothly.


- I will be sending out a staff survey to get feedback on the school year. Please be open and honest so I can address any issues necessary.

- Guidelines for class review - The best way for kids to be disengaged this time of year is having them sit and work on a worksheet while we sit at the computer. While I understand that we all have deadlines, please move around the room and monitor the classes. We don't need kids "testing the waters" this time of year. Make the review enjoyable! I have a great jeopardy template if anyone is interested.

- Make plans to attend our staff party Saturday night at Karen Wren's house. Please sign up to bring an item if you haven't yet.

- Guidelines for final exams are the same as the fall:

- 20% of the Final grade is the exam

- Make it cumulative

- Final grades are due on 6/6.

- Last work day - Our final contract day is Monday, June 6. We will complete our checkout process by Friday June 3. You still have one more day to work. I will leave it up to you as to whether that day will be Saturday the 4th or Monday the 6th. You're professionals and I trust we all have work to do.

- EOY Work Schedule - I will be releasing a work schedule for May 26-June 3...stay tuned!

- Awards Banquet Procedures are changing some...stay tuned.

- Jeans for the rest of the year.


1. #LISDedchat is suspended for the remainder of the year. It's been great conversation and I've learned a lot...but we need to direct our focus to finishing out the school year.

Weekly Calendar:

Mon - 5/16

12:30 - GT Presentations

STUCO Field Trip

3:45 PM - Dept Head

Tues - 5/17

12:30 - GT Presentations

7:00 - Board Meeting

Wed - 5/18

Lot's of Learning

Thurs - 5/19

9:00 - Awards Banquet

Fri - 5/20

Finals Begin

May Birthdays


Upcoming Dates to Remember

May 14 - LMS EOY Party

May 16 - GT Presentations

May 17 - GT Presentations

May 19 - MS Awards Day

May 20 - Finals

May 23 - Finals

May 24 - Finals

May 25 - Finals/Early Release

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