Android is Winning the Race


The smartphone market consisted of 272.28 billion dollars in 2015, and a total of 276.39 billion dollars in 2014. Android Built up a total of 82.8% of the Smartphone market while IOS consisted of 13.9% in quarter two of 2015. It is a concentrated market because Android other known as samsung is over ¾ of the market. The industry leaders are obviously IOS and Samsung because they make up roughly 95% of the market. Out of the makers blackberry is now one of the niche players in the market. They all compete in a non-price market.

The Market


A South Korea based company, android makes a revenue total of around 323.2 billion dollars a year. Following them up is a company out of Cupertino, California making 44.2 billion dollars a year. Then windows at 9.5 billion and blackberry to follow them up with 1.9 billion. iOS just came out with iOS 9, if someone wants a recently updated phone then they would probably go with a new iPhone that comes with iOS 9.

Competitive Advantage

The reliability and reputation of android has really given them an advantage over the competition. iOS also has the reputation but they are lacking in the reliability factor which pushes Android over them. Blackberry and Windows are basically just stuck with the people that always has used them. Thats how people are these days they normally stick with the system they have always used. Nothing has changed in the phone world except for that the technology is advancing.