Mount Rushmore


Mount Rushmore National Park Facts

  • Located in Keystone, South Dakota
  • Gets about 2 million visitors each year
  • Know as the "Shrine of Democracy"
  • Mt. Rushmore was named after Charles E. Rushmore

Mount Rushmore History

Construction of Mount Rushmore started October 4, 1927 and took 14 year to build Mount Rushmore. The main Architects are Lincoln Borglum and Gutzon Borglum but they had over 400 workers helping them. Most of the men were miners in search of gold. After the building, Mount Rushmore opened October 31, 1941.

The four presidents on Mt. Rushmore and why they were chosen.

During the Building

During the building of Mount Rushmore a total of 450,000 tons of rock was removed. 90% of the carving was by dynamite and the details were finished with jackhammers and hand chisels. Overall the faces are 60 feet tall and made of granite.


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