Frank Picot Jr.

Avon High School Class of 2016

Frank Picot Jr.

I am Student at Avon High School. I has lived in the Avon area for 9 years now.

In one paragraph introduce yourself and sell yourself to a University/College

Hello, My name is Frank Picot. I am a student at Avon High School. I would be a fantastic edition to your college because i would participate in multiple extra curricular activities. I have won 3 State titles while I was in the Avon marching black and gold. I also won a gold with distinction at solo and ensemble my Junior and Senior year.

Envision yourself near the end of a fulfilling, lifelong career and you just published your auto biography. Share the title and introduction in one paragraph.

The title to my auto biography would be called the life of the great frank picot. The introduction would go like this. "so you were interested in my life and you decided to pick up my book." "well its going to be pretty boring i didnt do much with my life." " i hope you enjoy it."

Imagine being able to join a conversation between two people, living or deceased. Identify the people and topic and express what you would like to ask and learn from them.

If i could join a conversation with any two people the two people would probably be MLKJ and Kendrick lamar. The topic would be black rights and how far america has come with getting rid of racism. I would ask MLKJ how he felt knowing that we had a black president because of what he fought for. I would ask Mr. Lamar about his inspiration for his music and if MLKJ is any part of his inspiration. I would love to learn why they began doing what they are doing and what motivated them.

Describe how you will use your education to achieve your personal and professional goals.

I will use my education to achieve my goals by using the things i learned to help me make the right choices. I want to be an accountant when i get done with college. I will use all the math classes i have taken and i will also use the accounting classes im going to take when i go to college. If i didnt have the knowledge from my education that i had now i wouldnt be able to pursue my goals.

Describe a specific accomplishment or experience and its influence on you.

One accomplishment I had was in marching band when we won State. It was the best experience I've ever had and is something i will never forget. What i took from it was if you work hard for something then you will be great at it. Everything takes practice to be good.

Explore a moral dilemma you faced and how you dealt with it.

A moral dilemma i have recently faced was being peer pressured into doing something i didnt want to do. I was at a party and some of them started to drink, when this happened i had a decision to make. Would i stick to my morals and wait to drink till i turn the appropriate age or should i stay at the party and drink with them. I decided to leave and when i saw them next they made fun of me and picked on me for quite sometime. I learned from this experience that the people who say they are your friend arent always actually your friend. I learned that i need to pick my friends carefully and wisely because i dont ever want to run into another situation like that.

Evaluate a risk you have taken, what resulted and what you learned from the experience.

One risk i have taken was hill bombing with my friends. It resulted in my with a lot of road rash and me in the hospital. I fell off my skateboard towards the bottom of the hill and i was going to fast for me to run off. I learned that skating with out the proper attire is not smart at all. Now when i skate i always wear a helmet gloves and long sleeve shirts so i dont get burned again.

If you could go back and change one day in your life, what would you change and why?

If i could go back and change one day in my life i would change the day my friends and I left the house with out permission. It ended badly and it wasnt worth it. It ended in us all getting in trouble and not being able to stay the night at each others houses. We tried to walk to McDonalds and we got pulled over by the cops and our parents were called and we all got grounded.
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