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Bayyari Elementary School Newsletter, Springdale, AR

2020-2021, Issue 8, October 17, 2020

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4th and 5th Grade Guest Speaker - Turpentine Creek

Mrs. Johnson's Journaling

We have finished the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year! It has been a different year, but successful so far. If you missed our State of the School presentation, you can click on the link and see the slides in English or Spanish. Then if you can fill out this survey for us, we would appreciate your feedback.

Parents, we are still looking for feedback about our virtual parent-teacher conferences. Please click the link and fill out this survey to help us plan for our spring conferences.

Report Cards will be coming home the week of October 26th. Be looking for these in your students backpacks, sign the envelope to return to the teacher, and keep the report card at home.

This week we had 72 students grow one level in Lexia Core 5! We are so proud of all the growth our students are making.

As we return from remote learning days, this Tuesday starting at 3:30 we will have our NWA Food Bank Food Distribution in the South Parking lot. Please come drive through and get some food for your family. The food distribution contains milk, protein, and vegetables.

As always, we are here to help! Please contact us at (479)750-8760 or email us at

Mrs. Johnson

An Important Update from Dr. Cleveland, Springdale's Superintendent

Please click on the link below to Dr. Cleveland's update that went out on Social Media and email yesterday. It contains very important information about October 16th and October 19th. If you have any questions, please call Ms. Mullican or Mrs. Johnson (479)750-8760 or email us at Thank you!

Nurse's Update

Students who missed the flu vaccines due to being absent, blended or not having a completed flu form may attend a separate school clinic to receive their vaccine. If you have parents inquire about this, please ask them to call me and I will give them the date and other information they will need. They can also walk in to the Washington County Health Department and get a flu shot at no cost. The address is 3270 N Wimberly Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72703. Yesterday was the only day for flu vaccines at our school. Please let me know if you have any questions. Here is a flu website from the Arkansas Department of Health explaining the free flu shots at the health department.

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Library Update

The library staff are excited to announce that we have partnered with Book Depot to host a two-week online book fair fundraiser through their retail website, Book Outlet, between Oct 20, 2020 and Nov 3, 2020. Book Outlet is an online retailer that offers thousands of new books for up to 90% off.

How the online book fair works:

· 20% of all purchases made during the online book fair will go back to the library in cash rewards.

· A unique book fair link will be circulated to you the day before the book fair begins to use throughout the fundraiser. Emphasize to your families to shop on Book Outlet using that link, so 20% cash rewards get attributed to Bayyari Elementary.

· After the book fair ends, over the following six months, 5% of new Book Outlet purchases will also go back to Bayyari Elementary in cash rewards.

This book fair’s success relies on how well we promote it, so let’s do our best to share it with everyone we know!

School Breakfast and Lunch Menus

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Counselor's Corner

How did Red Ribbon Week begin?

A man by the name of Enrique (KiKi) Camarena decided to become a US Drug Enforcement Administration Agent. His mother was not happy about his choice, but he felt as though he could make a difference in this position. On February 7, 1985 Camarena left work to meet his wife for lunch. Camarena never came back. He was met by five men who shoved him in a car. His body was found a month later. He had been tortured to death. Camarena felt like one person could make a difference. In honor of his memory, and recognizing what he worked so hard for, friends and family came together to raise awareness of the battle against illegal drugs. They started wearing red satin badges to show support and make awareness of illegal drug problems. Camarena’s red ribbon memory was adopted by NFP. They sponsored the first National Red Ribbon Celebration in 1988. Other networks and individual organizations have joined in over the years keeping this tradition going. This memory and awareness now happen once a year through the National Red Ribbon Campaign. The mission of the National Red Ribbon Campaign brings awareness to America’s drug problem. It advocates up to a National Level, and provides drug education and resources to communities. Our school fully supports Red Ribbon Week and will show support throughout the week of October26- October 30. We will have daily dress up showing support and your child will also be given a Red Satin Ribbon to wear to support this cause. This is a fun week for the students and we encourage their support in this cause. For more information visit

Red Ribbon Week October 26-30th

Monday, October 26th - "Brush Away Drugs" - crazy hair day

Tuesday, October 27th - "Sock It To Drugs" - mismatched sock day

Wednesday, October 28th - "Stay relaxed and away from drugs" - pajama day

Thursday, October 29th - "Let's put a cap on drugs" - hat day

Friday, October 30th - "Just say no to drugs!" - Book character dress up day

Fall Party - October 30th

Parents may donate snacks for the fall party. These snacks need to be pre-packaged, individually wrapped, and brought to school 2-3 days before the party. Things like fruit snacks, granola bars, string cheese, go-gurt, individual bags of chips/popcorn/pretzels, etc. would be great items to donate. Thank you, parents!

Upcoming Dates


19th - Remote Learning Day (students learn from home)

19th - End of 1st Quarter

20th - NWA Food Distribution - 3:30 pm

26th - 30th - Red Ribbon Week Dress Up Days

26th - Report Cards Go Home

27th - Drive Through Trunk or Treat Literacy Night

30th - Book Character Dress Up Day

30th - Neighborhood Parade - 9 am

30th - Fall Party - 2:10 pm

30th - Virtual Bear Bash