Science With Mr. Harvey

Week 2, 2015-2016

Welcome to Middle School!

I hope that everyone's first week was a good one! My name is Michael Harvey, and I will be your child's science teacher this year. I know that it will be a fun year filled with exciting labs and new experiences for your young scientist. I have been teaching science for 9 years now, and I keep finding new ideas to help expand my students horizons. This year our district has purchased a new hands-on program called The Jason Project. I hope that through the use of those new labs and the engaging lessons already planned, that this year will be a truly successful one for all of my students.

I am sorry for the length of this newsletter. Most of them will not be nearly this long, but the first couple will have helpful information that previous parents found most helpful.

-Michael Harvey

This Week In Science...

Monday - Lab Safety Card Sort / PASS Fire Extinguisher

Tuesday - Lab Rules PPT instruction / Ranking of the Rules / Card Sort Race

Wednesday - Card Sort Race / Safety Review / Safety Quiz

Thursday - Review Testing Expectations / Safety Test

Friday - Computer Lab


Tuesday - Materials due (2nd - Dry Erase Marker ; 3rd-5th - 1 highlighter ; 7th - 1 box Kleenex

Friday - All About Me page completed in science journal

Grades This Week...

Daily Grades:

Fire Extinguisher Exit Ticket (Monday, 8/31)

Science Safety Quiz (Wednesday, 9/2)

Major Grades:

Science Safety Test (Thursday, 9/3)

Science Journal (Ongoing)

Science Journals

We spent Thursday and Friday last week setting up our science journals. The interactive science journal, or ISN as I sometimes call it, is an integral part to your student's learning path this year in science. We are going to be recording, reflecting, predicting, and illustrating in it every day in class. For this reason, it is very important that this journal is in class with your child every day. If your child needs help keeping up with it, they are always welcome to attend one of my tutorial sessions for help. I journal along with my students, so they will always be able to view my journal if they need to check their progress.

Their science journal is also a really good way for you, the parent, to see exactly what we are doing in class. If you notice empty pages, that means there is something wrong. If you are worried about their handwriting or overall quality of work, you can just ask to see their journal and check it out for yourself.

This journal is going to be graded at the end of this 9 weeks for a major grade. Along the way, my students will do peer reviews to help monitor their progress. That should give them a good idea of what they are doing well, or what they can improve on.


I offer tutorials 2 days a week: Tuesday and Thursday. Tutorials last from 8:15-8:45. On Tuesdays, the students must have a pass to come back to my classroom. We glued that pass into their science journals last week. Thursdays are the Science Department tutorial days, and all students are allowed to go to their classes for tutorials without the need for a pass.

Tutorial time can be used to help students:

1) Make-up work that they missed due to absences

2) Catch up on their science journal

3) Receive 1-on-1 help with a troubling topic

4) Complete unfinished labs

Please encourage your child to make use of these times as necessary. If any additional help is necessary, there is a list of available tutors at the front office.