Upcoming Movies

There are many new movies coming out in 2016. Like Deadpool, The Boy, and Norm Of The North and many other movies.

Deadpool is based upon Marvel comics. Deadpool tells the story of Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that's leaves him with accelerated healing powers. So he made the alter ego Deadpool. He hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life. I think it would be good for someone who likes action and Marvel.

The Boy is a horror movie about a babysitter takes a job at a house to babysit a doll. She gets a list of rules to follow. she doesn't follow all of the rules and the doll comes to life. Its like Chuky but more realistic. If you like to be scared then this is a good movie for you.

Norm Of The North is about Norm the Polar bear and his friends are forced out of there home because the ice is melting. They land in New York. He gets a job as a mascot and later knowing that his employers are the reason his home was destroyed. If you like cute funny and good family movies.

All of these movies are coming out soon and many other movies. You should go see them in theaters.