THS Technology Update

Because Emails Are Just Too Dang Boring


Well the first day is officially over - so it's all smooth sailing from here on, right? I don't know about you, but the first day of school is always so much hope and promise for things to come.

Anyway, this is some news I needed to discuss with ya'll - so hope you read the whole thing because there is a at the end that would really help me get organized a little better.

Computer Distribution

Most of the netbooks and PC carts have been distributed. We are ready to roll out the tablets - we just need to set up a time with the math/science folks to discuss some things with them. It would be nice to do it at the same time, but we can roll with whatever works for everyone. Once again, see the form at the bottom.

Students Directly Upload to Your Dropbox Account

Mr. Miller shared this time saving way to have students upload directly to your Dropbox account - DropItToMe. Once your register, you will get a URL that allows anyone with the password you create to upload directly to your Dropbox. Here is what it looks like once you have set it up: . I set the password to eagles, so if you were a student all you would need is that little URL and that password and you could upload away.

Thanks Mr. Miller!

And here's the form - thanks!

Loading form...
If the embedded form is not showing up, click here for a direct link. If that doesn't work for you just email me if you need something. I tried a new form maker out and it is giving people fits. Needless to say I wont be using that one again :)