Pink Kangaroo Weekly Update

Week of February 15, 2016

What we are learning....

Thank you so much to all of our kangaroo parents who SO GENEROUSLY assisted in our gala tickets! All three of us had the best time at the gala and we loved seeing all of you there supporting our school. We may be biased, but we think St. Martins has the best parents!!!

We introduced the letter "P" this week. The kangaroos already knew most of our "p" words: pig, pan, pot, paint, panda, pizza, pumpkin and pickle!

We made pigs in a blanket and ate them during lunch! The kangaroos all had a great time rolling then"pig" into the "blanket." Almost everyone tried them!!

We introduced the number 5 this week. We are so pleased with the kangaroos and their counting abilities. We count anything and everything throughout our day.

We are so proud of the Pink Kangaroos for being able to recognize their names when they arrive at school. They will continue to work on pencil grip as we help them trace the letters of their names.

Scissor cutting has been introduced to kangaroo land. We are working with the children to obtain correct scissor grip. We will continue to work on snipping paper and will progress to cutting lines and more complicated designs.

Of course with "P" week we did lots and lots of painting. Of course it led to some messy hands and shirts!!

Books we have read this week:

If You Give A Pig A Pancake

If You Give A Pig A Party

I Know A Wee Piggy

Important Information

Kangaroos in Action!!!!

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