How to dress for a Job Interview

By: Chloe and Amanda

Dressing for the job

When going to a interview, you're "Marketing yourself as a product." This means dressing professionally or wearing something that the other workers are wearing."

Outfits that are acceptable

When dressing for the interview wear suits or dresses that are not bright colored and conservative. The dress or skirt should be long enough so you can sit comfortable or should reach just below your knees.

Women Shoes

When going to an interview, women should be wearing dark colored heals that are comfortable and professional. This means no distracting colored high heals, and hard to walk in heals.

Men Shoes

Men should be wearing dress shoes that are dark colored.


When wearing jewelry, you do not want anything that is distracting or takes the attention away from your face. Big, bright, and bulky jewelry are not acceptable.


When going to an interview do not wear a lot of make-up. It can be distracting and not professional. If you wan't to wear make-up wear, make sure it is natural looking. This means wearing

  • Eye shadow in a neutral shade
  • Use a thin line of pencil eyeliner
  • Use a little bit of mascara
  • Add a bit of blush rather than bronzer
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