Geocaching Across the Curriculum

Investigating the World Outside Our Classroom Walls

Save the Date- May 10th 2013

Join me at the Mobile Learning Conference in Kalamazoo, MI. On May 10th, we will be geocaching across the curriculum. Bring your Smartphone or iPad, and learn how geocaching can be integrated into your K-12 curriculum. Using these tools we can study, investigate, and explore the world around us. This hands-on presentation is dedicated to extend learning outside our classroom walls into the local world around us.

Geocaching Across the Curriculum

Friday, May 10th, 8:30am-3:30pm

Kalamazoo RESA 1819 E. Milham Road, Portage MI


1. introduction video for geocaching video
2. Download apps if not already done.
3. Mark locations with latitude & longitude in Memory Map
4. Send out to Geocache
5. Regroup & talk about applications
* Examples
* Grouping - grade level/content area & discuss applications

Elizabeth Fairbanks M. Ed

Currently, I am a 21st Century Coordinator, and Teacher in Northern Michigan. In 2008, I graduated from Arizona State University with a Master's degree in Education. I strongly believe that learning extends outside our classroom walls. "Connect, Collaborative, and Critically Think into the next century"