Health/PE News

June 2015 Edition

Administrators Conference

On June 3-4, The Administrators in Rockwood had their annual conference at Wildwood Middle School. One of the topics presented were, "What to look for during and observation". All of the contents were presented and Administrators attended the different presentations based on what content they observe. Here is the link to view what was discussed during the PE/Health presentation.

OPEN-By US Games

US Games has launched a new online professional learning platform for all PE/Health teachers. Click the link below to sign up (using your new email) to receive emails on trending topics in PE. You will also be able to access the shared portion of OPEN, giving you access to lessons and activities.

St. Lou is Jumping

Thank you to all of the schools who participated in St. Lou is Jumping. We had some schools submit videos to the Magic House and they were published in the St. Lou is Jumping Video Page.

Workshop Reminder

Don't forget to sign-up for upcoming workshops. Here is the link for wisdom where to register.